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Watermelon Prices 2023 List

Karpuz yazın en çok tüketilen ve hemen her gün mutfak tezgahlarından eksik edilmeyen bir meyvedir. Peki ama karpuz fiyatları ne kadar oldu? Karpuzun kilosu kaça satılıyor? En ucuz karpuz ne kadar? işte detaylar…

When summer comes, watermelon prices 2023 list is researched. Because it is the most delicious and refreshing fruit of the summer period. Watermelons of Diyarbakir and Adana regions are the most popular types. The first harvest begins in May and the sale continues until October. In 2023, the selling price of 1 kg of watermelon started with 35 TL and it upset the consumers. However, in June, its weight will decrease to the level of 4 – 6 TL and will be sold from this range throughout the summer. In other words, a medium-sized watermelon will be purchased between 30 and 50 TL. Let’s put in parentheses that the watermelon is expected to be sold for 50 TL in the summer period of 2024 .

During May and June, watermelons begin to be exhibited at the greengrocer and market stalls. The most delicious version is in August. Seedless watermelon consumption is common for children to love and digest easily. There is a 25% difference between the price of seeded and seedless watermelon.

Watermelon is the most consumed fruit in summer and is not missing from kitchen counters almost every day. But how much were the watermelon prices? How much is a kilo of watermelon sold? How much is the cheapest watermelon? here are the details…

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Current Watermelon Prices 2023 List

Watermelon, which is one of the sweet and juicy fruits, enters our lives as of May and becomes an indispensable part of our menus. This fruit, which calms the summer heat best, is also satisfying with its flavor. It is also a light fruit and an indispensable part of diet menus. Watermelon prices were offered for sale from 35 TL in 2023. Her weight has seen a record increase this year, and it’s sad news for consumers. But within 1 month, 1 kg of watermelon will be in the range of 5-6 TL. Because the most abundant period of watermelon is June, July and August.

Price list of 1 kg of watermelon fruit in the summer season of 2023 – 2024:

2023New World Watermelon4 TL – 10 TL30 TL – 45 TL
2023New Life Berries4.30 TL – 10.80 TL40 TL – 50 TL
2023Tekirdag Watermelon3.80 TL – 9.80 TL25 TL – 40 TL
2023Adana watermelon4 TL – 10 TL30 TL – 45 TL
2023Variegated Watermelon4.30 TL – 10.80 TL40 TL – 50 TL
2023Diyarbakir Berries3.80 TL – 9.80 TL25 TL – 40 TL
2023Rose Melon4 TL – 10 TL30 TL – 45 TL
2023Crimson Sweet Berries4.30 TL – 10.80 TL40 TL – 50 TL
2023Paladine Berries3.80 TL – 9.80 TL25 TL – 40 TL
2023Leggings Berries4 TL – 10 TL30 TL – 45 TL


From past to present, there has been a serious variation in the price of watermelon fruit. Almost every season, we come up with new hikes. When the price analysis of the last 5 years is made, it turns out that the watermelon has increased by 150%. The price of watermelons is high in the first harvest of the season. In fact, the weight of watermelon goes up to 35 TL in sales. However, within an average of 1 month, the product reaches its ideal figure and falls to the level of 4-5 TL.

  • In 2020, the price of 1 kg of watermelon was 0.80 TL.
  • In 2021, the price of 1 kg of watermelon was 1.80 TL.
  • In 2022, the price of 1 kg of watermelon was 2.80 TL.
  • In 2023, the price of 1 kg of watermelon was 3.80 TL.
  • In 2024, the price of 1 kg of watermelon will be 4.20 TL.
  • In 2025, the price of 1 kg of watermelon will be 5.80 TL.

How Much Did Watermelon Weight in 2023?

Watermelon is a fruit sold by the kilo. It is offered for sale on the counters with the calculation of 1000 grams, that is, 1 kg. Its value is determined by the weight measure. Different prices appear in different grocery stores. However, this year, you will be able to buy watermelons for an average of 4 TL in full season. This raises the medium size watermelon to 30 TL and the large size watermelon to 50 TL.

BİM Watermelon Prices 2023 Table

Watermelon consumers are shopping at the BİM market. BİM market, which sells affordable and cheap watermelons, has seeded watermelons of the Diyarbakır region on its counters. The prices of 1 kg of BİM watermelon were determined as 4.30 TL in the 2023 period. Periodically, this figure may increase to 4.80 TL. Small size watermelon is sold for 25 TL, medium size watermelon for 35 TL and large size watermelon for 45 TL in BİM market. Here are the general watermelon prices in the summer. Although the price of BİM watermelons in the summer of 2024 has not been clarified yet, it seems likely to see 10 TL.

The list of BİM watermelon prices in the summer of 2023:

2023 May20 TL – 30 TL150 TL – 200 TL
2023 June15 TL – 20 TL100 TL – 120 TL
2023 July4 TL – 8 TL35 TL – 50 TL
2023 August4 TL – 8 TL35 TL – 50 TL
2023 September4 TL – 8 TL35 TL – 50 TL
2022 October7 TL – 10 TL60 TL – 75 TL


When we search the BİM watermelon prices 2023 list, we come across a different table month by month. In the first harvest, in May, the weight of watermelon is 30 TL in BİM. However, in June, it will decrease to 15 TL for 1 kg. In the last quarter of June and the beginning of July, the figure will decrease to the ideal point, namely 5 TL. Expectations are in this direction. When comparing the prices of greengrocers and BİM watermelon, it is seen that BİM sells 18% cheaper watermelon.

The watermelons that come to BİM generally belong to Diyarbakır and Adana regions. It’s delicious and usually done. But still, it always makes sense to buy a choice watermelon. Because sometimes there are bad products among the watermelons in BİM. BİM watermelon prices are like this in 2023. When 2024 prices are announced, you will be able to see the increase rates in this article.

1 Kg A101 Watermelon Prices 2023 List

When it comes to watermelon shopping, let’s say that the A101 market also has frequent regulars. Watermelons from Diyarbakır offer both seeded and seedless options. A101 watermelon prices will be a minimum of 4.20 TL and a maximum of 35 TL in 2023. Freshly delivered watermelons are sold by the kilo. The ideal price of a whole watermelon in the A101 market is 40 TL. It can be seen that it drops down to 30 TL in seasonal campaigns.

A101 watermelon prices list in the summer of 2023:

2023 May20 TL – 30 TL150 TL – 200 TL
2023 June15 TL – 20 TL100 TL – 120 TL
2023 July4 TL – 8 TL35 TL – 50 TL
2023 August4 TL – 8 TL35 TL – 50 TL
2023 September4 TL – 8 TL35 TL – 50 TL
2022 October7 TL – 10 TL60 TL – 75 TL


A101, BİM, greengrocer and watermelon prices in the market were determined in this way in 2023. We will share the 2024 details soon….

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