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Selcuk breakfast places… Located between Kuşadası and İzmir, Selçuk is a wonderful tourism paradise with its historical sites. You can’t finish the historical buildings if you spend the whole day after having your breakfast at Selcuk breakfast places and tables full in the morning . Virgin Mary, Ephesus, Seven Sleepers, Temple of Artemis and much more are located in this region. And of course, Şirince should be added to this list. But where to have breakfast in Selçuk? Which places are good for a sprinkle and village breakfast? We have prepared a wonderful list for you that you cannot get enough of…

List of the 8 best places for mixed breakfast in Selçuk:

  • Selcuk Seven Sleepers Soldier’s Place
  • Zeytinli Konak Breakfast
  • Selcuk Vitis Restaurant & Breakfast
  • Köylüm Restaurant & Breakfast
  • Selcuk Agora Restaurant & Breakfast
  • Selcuk Carpouza Cafe Breakfast
  • Selcuk Saylo Buffet
  • Erdem Farm Breakfast

Nice Breakfast Places in Selcuk

Spread breakfast is one of the most important parts of our culture. We chat with our loved ones around the table equipped with crowded breakfast dishes and experience a happy process. But it is necessary to find businesses that provide this well. Otherwise, the hours you will enjoy can turn into cruelty in an instant. Selcuk breakfast places are also a list that will be useful for everyone who comes here. If you want to have breakfast safely and without risk, consider this list.

Selçuk and Şirince breakfast shops are confused with each other. Because Şirince is a locality of this district. Sirince Breakfast Places for There | You can take a look at our Top 5 Breakfast Places. In this article, we have prepared breakfast shops directly on the Selçuk center road. You can have breakfast on the way from İzmir to Aydın or Kuşadası.

Yedi Uyuyanlar Askerin Yeri: The Best Breakfast Place in Selcuk

Selçuk is a region where thousands of tourists flock in summer and winter. Especially Ephesus and Virgin Mary places attract great attention. There is a great breakfast place right in this location. Seven Sleepers Soldier’s Place is one of the oldest and well-established businesses in the region. It has a history of over 30 years. It has always managed to maintain its popularity. It has a lush garden. You are having a peaceful breakfast in the shade under the big trees. The specialties of the business are pancakes and fried foods. You can also try buttermilk for breakfast. If you are looking for a different, delicious and natural environment among Selcuk breakfast places, this is the best place.

TASTE: The pancake and buttermilk duo is great. Also, be sure to try the fries.

PRICE: The place of the military appeals to its customers with its prices. You will leave without getting tired of your budget.

CONTACT: (0 232) 892 77 77

ADDRESS: Ataturk mah seven sleepers position selcuk izmir , 35920 Selcuk/Izmir

Monday09:00 – 03:00
Tuesday09:00 – 03:00
Wednesday09:00 – 03:00
Thursday09:00 – 03:00
Friday09:00 – 03:00
Saturday09:00 – 03:00
Sunday09:00 – 03:00



Vitis Restaurant : Wonderful View and Delicious Breakfast

Vitis is located on the Selçuk – Şirince road. The restaurant has a uniquely beautiful view. The thing that starts the day well is the breathing of the soul. You get it here. The reason why Selcuk is included in the list of breakfast places is not only its view. At the same time, they are at very good levels in the concept of Turkish mixed breakfast. Nearly 20 products come to the table, from acukas to cheese, from jams to honey, from omelettes to squeezed oranges, from olives to butter. Another important feature is the playground for children. Families have the opportunity to relax more while having breakfast. The prices are also at the level you will be satisfied with. You can have a pleasant day by coming with a crowd.

TASTE: They make every element of Turkish breakfast delicious.

PRICE: The prices seem to be ideal considering the regional breakfasts.

CONTACT: (0 232) 892 65 55

ADDRESS: 14 May, Yeni Şirince Yolu, Zeynel Irmak Cd . No:30, 35920 Selcuk/Izmir


Monday08:00 – 00:00
Tuesday08:00 – 00:00
Wednesday08:00 – 00:00
Thursday08:00 – 00:00
Friday08:00 – 00:00
Saturday08:00 – 00:00
Sunday08:00 – 00:00


Agora Restaurant : Flavor Oriented Selcuk Breakfast

Restaurant is a place in nature and by the roadside . Selcuk is a business that has left its mark on our list of breakfast places with its flavors. They make presentations with the logic of plenty of scoops on their menus. From jam to honey, from cheese to olives, it is too much for your table. There is also a children’s playground. While your children are having a pleasant process, you can easily have your breakfast.

One of the main factors that we call the best Selcuk breakfast is that the service aspect is very good. Employees with a decent and smiling approach. They know how to make you feel at home. You can choose it in winter as well as in summer. They have a spacious indoor section. The view is also beautiful. You can enjoy your breakfast under the rain.

TASTE: Both the breakfast plate and the spread breakfast consist of very good tastes.

PRICE: Sprinkler prices are a little high. But it is not noticeable because of the wide variety of products.

CONTACT: (0 232) 892 30 53

ADDRESS: Ataturk Ataturk Cad./agora Bazaar, 35920 Selcuk/Izmir

INSTAGRAM: agora_restaurant_selcuk


Monday09:00 – 23:00
Tuesday09:00 – 23:00
Wednesday09:00 – 23:00
Thursday09:00 – 23:00
Friday09:00 – 23:00
Saturday09:00 – 23:00
Sunday09:00 – 23:00


Saylo Büfe: Practical Breakfast Place in Selcuk

Selcuk breakfast places , there is Saylo Buffet for those who want to have a practical breakfast on foot . The toast here is famous. An ice-cold orange squeezed next to it also creates a great harmony. It is possible to experience the beginning of an energetic day in the summer months. They also have menus that they offer with breakfast plates. If you want a slightly more busy table, you can choose this. It is also useful to mention the spatial characteristics. It has a garden with lush trees. Here you can have a quiet and peaceful breakfast accompanied by the sounds of birds.

TASTE: A nice place for practical breakfast items such as a breakfast plate or toast.

PRICE: It is among the most affordable Selcuk breakfast restaurants. You can go and eat comfortably.

CONTACT: (0 232) 892 09 54

ADDRESS: Atatürk, 1013. Sk . No:3 D:C, 35920 Selcuk/Izmir

Monday09:00 – 02:00
Tuesday09:00 – 02:00
Wednesday09:00 – 02:00
Thursday09:00 – 02:00
Friday09:00 – 02:00
Saturday09:00 – 02:00
Sunday09:00 – 02:00


Selcuk Breakfast Prices

How much is breakfast? Local and foreign tourists who come to the Selcuk region are curious about this issue. After all, it is a tourist area and there are concerns that prices may be slightly higher. But the situation is exactly the opposite. In terms of gastronomy, Selçuk welcomes its customers with ideal numbers. If you want a mixed breakfast for 2 people, you pay an average of 250 TL. The price of breakfast per person for the year 2022 – 2023 is in the range of 125 – 150 TL. In addition, extras such as toast, pancakes and omelets are also suitable. For example, you can have a toast and orange pair for 50 – 60 TL. Omelette costs 28 TL, pancakes are around 30 TL.

Don’t forget to share your experiences at Selçuk breakfast shops with us. Tell about your experiences in the comment section of the article so that new users can learn. In this way, we can improve the customer experience of the places. We wish you a delicious breakfast in advance.


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