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Nusret Burger Prices 2023

Sosyal medya fenomeni Nusret, kendi kurduğu zincir restoranda birbirinden ilginç et sunumları yapıyor. Pahalı ve lüks konseptiyle zengin kesime hitap etse de son yıllarda çıkardığı hamburger menüleriyle orta kesim için de bir lezzet durağı haline dönüştü. Peki ama Nusret burger fiyatları ne kadar oldu? Nusret fiyatları bu yıl kaç TL? Nusret’in en ucuz menüsü hangisi? işte detaylar…

Nusret burger prices 2023 entered the agenda of those looking for a special taste in 2023. You have started to offer hamburger menus in Nusret, the owner of the world-famous restaurant chain, since last year. Thus, the burger series was appreciated as much as the steak and meat products. While Lokum Burger is 250 TL in 2023 at Nusret restaurant , Altın Burger is sold for 400 TL. Sucuklu Burger is at the level of 280 TL. If we look at Nusret prices in 2024, a 50% increase is expected compared to the previous year. So the minimum burger price seems to be over 400 TL.

Nusret, a social media phenomenon, makes interesting meat presentations at the chain restaurant he founded. Although it appeals to the wealthy with its expensive and luxurious concept, it has turned into a taste stop for the middle class with its hamburger menus in recent years. But how much did Nusret burger cost? How much is Nusret prices this year? Which is Nusret’s cheapest menu? here are the details…

Current Nusret Burger Prices 2023 List

Nusret restaurants and menus that everyone sees on social media attract people to come here. There are undoubtedly delicious presentations in meat and hamburger products. But everyone knows that it is an expensive and luxurious dining option. But we found that Nusret burger prices are ideal in 2023. For example, when you say Sucuklu Burger or Lokum Burger menu, you will pay around 300 TL. The menu includes 1 hamburger, 1 french fries and 1 Coca Cola.

Bist Bahçe

Nusret burger prices will undoubtedly be the most curious subject of 2024. Because more than 18 Nusret branches throughout Turkey continue to attract great attention from flavor lovers. The one-person Nusret burger menu will probably increase to 400 TL – 500 TL in 2024. Because every year, we see an average increase of 40%.

List of Nusret burger and hamburger menu prices in 2023 – 2024:

2023Turkish Delight Burger250 TL – 350 TL
2023Nusr-Et Burger250 TL – 350 TL
2023Sausage Burger250 TL – 350 TL
2023Meatballs with Cheese250 TL – 350 TL
2023Nusret Golden Burger250 TL – 350 TL
2023Potato Pan250 TL – 350 TL
2023nusret burger menu250 TL – 350 TL


a)      Nusret Lokum Burger Prices 2023

Nusret Turkish delight burger has the most beautiful and delicious form of meat. Cheddar cheese is melted on a large patty. French fries and coke are served on the side. The price is 300 TL in this way. But if dessert is added, it will reach the level of 500 TL.

b)      Nusret Hamburger + Dessert Menu Price 2023

After eating a hamburger at Nusret restaurant, a local dessert is now the traditional choice of this place. You can feast on a hamburger menu with creamy ice cream and a soup. Nusret burger prices, including dessert, are given between 400 TL and 500 TL in 2023. In 2024, this figure will likely be 40% higher. It is luxurious and expensive, but tastes very good.

c)      How much does it cost to invite Nusret to the table?

When you watch the videos of the social media phenomenon Nusret, you see that he goes to the table of celebrities. As a matter of fact, “How many TL does Nusret come to the table?” as such a curiosity. But Nusret does not come to the table in exchange for money. It goes free of charge to distinguished and famous guests. However, according to a rumor, it is stated that the account over 10 thousand dollars will go to the future tables by itself.

d)      How Much Is The Cheapest Meal In Istinye Nusret Restaurant?

There are more than 42 presentations on the menu of Nusret restaurant. Some are meat, some are salad and dessert. The cheapest Nusret product is arugula salad with a price of 125 TL. In addition, Nusret burger prices are the cheapest you can eat as meat.

e)      Nusret Golden Hamburger Price 2023

Recently, Nusret has been sharing gold-plated burger videos frequently. “How much does a gold-plated Nusret burger cost?” curiosity awakens. Pretty expensive menu. It starts from 450 TL and the price changes according to the menu. Let’s also note that the food used in its content is not pure gold.

Current Nusret Menu Prices 2023 List

When Nusret is mentioned, of course, steak and meat products will come to mind first. A Nusret menu consisting of beef shashlik, lamb neck, ribs, entrecote and dozens of other meat products awaits you in 2023. Nusret prices start from a minimum of 320 TL in 2023. Beef Carpaccio menu is just right for your taste. Those looking for a more luxurious taste can also prefer the veal ridge menu.

2023 – 2024 year Nusret restaurant menu price list:

2023Nusret Beef Carpaccio menu320 TL – 400 TL
2023Nusret Smoked Meat Rib Eye menu375 TL – 450 TL
2023Nusret Steak Tartar menu405 TL – 500 TL
2023Nusret Smoked Veal menu205 TL – 300 TL
2023Nusret Shrimp grill menu365 TL – 455 TL
2023Nusret Beef Ribs menu835 TL – 1,000 TL
2023Nusret beef shashlik menu385 TL – 455 TL
2023Nusret beef entrecote menu525 TL – 650 TL
2023Nusret Nusret Spaghetti450 TL – 500 TL
2023Nusret 2 person veal back890 TL – 1,050 TL
2023Dallas steak800 TL – 850 TL
2023Tuscany580 TL – 650 TL
2023Nusr-Et Kobe730 TL – 800 TL
2023Nusret New York Steak580 TL – 650 TL
2023Nusret Toscana580 TL – 650 TL
2023Dallas steak with Nusret Mustard sauce690 TL – 750 TL
2023Nusret Tomahawk540 TL – 600 TL
2023Nusret Kuzu New York435 TL – 500 TL
2023Nusret Lamb Halva435 TL – 500 TL
2023Nusret Lamb435 TL – 500 TL


The combination of meat and salad is among the well-known presentations of Turkish cuisine. In the Nusret salad menu, 6 different presentations are prepared. Nusret salad prices start from 125 TL in 2023. In 2024, it will push the 200 TL level.

2023 – 2024 Nusret salad menu prices table:

2023Nusret Rocket Salad125 TL – 150 TL
2023Nusret Tulum Cheese Salad125 TL – 150 TL
2023Nusret Mediterranean Salad125 TL – 150 TL
2023Nusret Spoon Salad125 TL – 150 TL
2023Nusret Avocado Salad125 TL – 150 TL
2023Nusret Tomato Salad125 TL – 150 TL


Nusret prices, we will talk about desserts. Şöbiyet and creamy ice cream are the best Nusret desserts that can be eaten on meat. In 2023, you can order a dessert with meat for a price of 110 TL. Don’t forget that there are also dessert menus.

Dessert prices at Nusret restaurant in 2023 – 2024:

2023Şöbiyet with Nusret Creamy Ice Cream110 TL – 150 TL
2023Nusret Orange Truffle110 TL – 150 TL
2023Carrot slice with Nusret Creamy Ice Cream110 TL – 150 TL
2023Nusret Creamy Ice Cream110 TL – 150 TL


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