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List of Best Antalya Self-catering Places

Antalya self-catering places offer a comfortable and enjoyable barbecue option. You can burn your barbecue in these restaurants by bringing your meat and raki with you. Especially in the Manavgat and Muratpaşa regions, there are many self-catering businesses operating. Limonaltı Country Garden is the most popular spot in the city. Çamlık and Hasbihal restaurants are one of the decent barbecue places to go in 2023/2024.

The most beautiful state of spring and summer is experienced in Antalya. Barbecue is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable activities. But where is there a self-catering place in Antalya? In which restaurant in Antalya can you cook yourself? Here is the answer…

List of Best Antalya Self-catering Places

Antalya region can be called a full barbecue city with its seasonal conditions. Thanks to its nature, untouched coves and wonderful self-catering places, barbecue lovers will have no trouble finding a place. There are more than 29 facilities that provide self-catering services in Antalya. But not all of them are at a good level of quality. We have listed the best 10 barbecue places in Antalya for you.

Bist Bahçe

Here is the list of the best places to cook for yourself in the 2023/2024 Antalya region:

oneLimonaltı Country Garden10/9.810/9.8
2Camlik Restaurant Meat Grill Antalya10/9.710/9.6
3Hasbihal Meat Grill10/9.410/9.7
4Eskisehirli Butcher Meat Grill10/9.810/9.8
5Summer & Winter Breakfast & Grill House10/9.610/9.6
6Bahcehan Meat Mangal Tas Ev Restaurant10/9.410/9.5
7Cakir Kardelen Meat Grill Breakfast10/9.110/9.5
8Venue Belli Ocakbasi10/9.710/9.2
9Yagmur Kirbahcesi Restaurant10/9.410/9.4
10Cakirlar Hasanaga10/9.810/9.8


Limonaltı Country Garden: The Best Do-It-Yourself Cooking Place in Antalya

You can understand from its name that you are enjoying a barbecue in a lush garden under the lemon trees. They have been serving for more than 10 years and are on the best Antalya self-catering list with their quality. You can bring your own meat with you. If you wish, you can also buy fresh from the local butcher. The appetizers are also delicious. You only pay a service fee for appetizers and barbecue. It is our recommendation.

PRICE PER PERSON: 250 TL *per person

CONTACT: 0537 983 73 53

ADDRESS: Caglayan, Yali Cd. 416/ A, 07230 Muratpasa/Antalya

WEBSITE: limonalti

Monday10:30 – 01:00 open
Tuesday10:30 – 01:00 open
Wednesday10:30 – 01:00 open
Thursday10:30 – 01:00 open
Friday10:30 – 01:00 open
Saturday10:30 – 01:00 open
Sunday10:30 – 01:00 open


Bahçehan Meat Mangal: Cook Your Meat and Enjoy a Barbecue

Bahcehan, which is popular among Antalya self-catering places, serves with the motto of “grab your meat and raki”. It provides an affordable opportunity for those who want to enjoy barbecue as a family. Only per person service fee is paid. In addition, good appetizers and fresh bread are not missing from your table. It is a place suitable for families with children.

PRICE PER PERSON: 250 TL *per person

CONTACT: 0532 783 62 42

ADDRESS: Kırcami, 1791. Sk. No:16, 07200 Muratpasa/Antalya

Monday14:30 – 23:00 open
Tuesday14:30 – 23:00 open
Wednesday14:30 – 23:00 open
Thursday14:30 – 23:00 open
Friday14:30 – 23:00 open
Saturday14:30 – 23:00 open
Sunday14:30 – 23:00 open



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