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Kuşadası Breakfast Places

Kuşadası breakfast places and 2022 prices are frequently on the agenda by holidaymakers these days as we enter the summer months. Not only holidaymakers, but also the locals and summer residents of the city are looking for the answer to this question. This uniquely beautiful holiday resort of Aydın welcomes millions of holidaymakers every year. While creating unique alternatives with its sea, sand and nightlife, it also presents beautiful tables with its gastronomy presentations.

What makes a holiday resort the most beautiful is of course the sea, sand, sun and dance. But if they don’t have delicious places, all this can lose its meaning. For this reason, considering that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, learning about beautiful places is an important issue. Kuşadası breakfast places have unique points in the village breakfast concept as well as the richness of seaside options. If you are a stranger to this region and do not want to end your holiday without exploring the flavor stops, you should definitely explore the places we have presented below.

Kusadasi Breakfast Places

Kuşadası, which was a district of İzmir in the past, was connected to Aydın during the Adnan Menderes period. After this move, the region developed rapidly and today it has taken its place among the most beautiful holiday paradises not only in Turkey but also in the world. Every year, it is flooded with visitors from many countries, especially Germany, England, Russia and the Netherlands. The city deserves such attention. Especially in the breakfast concept of Kuşadası , it has a gastronomy well above the average of our country.

Kusadasi breakfast places have a variety of different concepts. It is possible to find pavement, village, local, open buffet and brunch cultures in every part of the region. So, let’s take a look at the list of recommended places to be curious about…

Breakfast places to go to Kusadasi:

  • My Asado
  • Belen Shepherd’s Table
  • Kazim Usta Restaurant
  • Kusadasi Beach Restaurant
  • Exelans Motel & Restaurant
  • Andiz Breakfast
  • Kiwi Restaurant
  • Tranche
  • Ancestor Breakfast
  • Bolu Mountain Ciragan Breakfast

a)      A Place with a Sea View in Kusadasi: My Asado

If you say that the sea view and smell are important to me for breakfast, My Asado breakfast place offers you a nice alternative. The sea is an indispensable factor when it comes to Kuşadası. Offering a nice mixed breakfast to start the day full of energy, My Asado stands out especially with its abundant variety. We definitely recommend this place among Kusadasi breakfast eaters.

TASTE: It is possible to find every kind of food that should be in a breakfast restaurant here.

TIME: They start in the morning and serve breakfast throughout the day.

PRICE: Although it has a sea view, its prices are quite reasonable. But in season the prices go up a bit.

CONTACT: 0 256 223 16 59

ADDRESS: Cami kebir district Mahmut Esat Bozkurt street, Liman Cd . No:18/7, 09400 Kusadasi/Aydin

b)      A Place Intertwined With Nature: Belen Çoban Sofrası

Nowadays, it is often difficult to find nature and trees in crowded holiday resorts. But Belen Çoban Sofrası reverses this situation with its lush facility. You can find every shade of green in a wonderful space concept. As for its taste , it is possible to state that it is among the best breakfast places in Kuşadası . We should also mention that they have wonderful homemade jams.

TASTE: We loved the homemade jams on the tiny plates.

TIME: You can enjoy their breakfast until noon.

PRICE: Although they have discounts for large families, they have a slightly high price policy.

CONTACT: 0 256 223 18 25

ADDRESS: Kirazlı, Merkez Sk No: 605, 09400 Kuşadası/Aydın

c)      A Taste Stop by the Sea: Kazım Usta Restaurant

When delicious plates meet with the table by the sea, a wonderful breakfast emerges. Kazım Usta is in a special place among the breakfast places in Kuşadası. The breakfast keeper especially attaches importance to cheese varieties and shows this in his presentations. In addition, the friendly service of the staff did not escape our attention. They definitely deserve praise.

TASTE: You will love the cheese plates.

CLOCK: Delicious presentations are made every hour of the day.

PRICE: Prices are normal compared to seafront venues.

CONTACT: 0 256 614 12 26

ADDRESS: Camikebir , Mahmut Esat Bozkurt Cad No:14/A, 09400 Kusadasi/Aydin

d)      Hello to the Day on the Beach: Kumsal Restaurant

came to you with a proposal for a Kusadasi breakfast place where you will feel the sea completely on the beach . We have to say that it is among the most peaceful businesses we have experienced in the region. Bring your loved ones with you and definitely come here. Although there are not very comprehensive presentations, the products provided are quite sufficient and delicious.

TASTE: It has a small but delicious variety.

CLOCK: Delicious presentations are made every hour of the day.

PRICE: Prices are normal compared to seafront venues.

CONTACT: 0 256 223 02 97

ADDRESS: Yavansu Mahallesi, Camlik Cd ., 09400 Kusadasi/Aydin

e)      For Those Who Want a Quiet Breakfast: Exelans Motel & Restaurant

Calmness is an important factor at breakfast. During the holiday, we witness too much crowd and activity during the day. A calm and delicious start to the day determines how the rest of the time will pass. Exelans is a good option in this regard. You can enjoy an open-air mixed breakfast in this place run by a friendly family.

TASTE: It has a small but delicious variety.

CLOCK: Delicious presentations are made every hour of the day.

PRICE: Prices are normal compared to seafront venues.

CONTACT: 0 507 020 00 00

ADDRESS: Guzelcamli , Davutlar Guzelcamli Road, 09430 Kusadasi/Aydin

Kusadasi Central Breakfast Places

breakfast places in Kuşadası , of course, the most beautiful businesses are located in the central regions. For this reason, people make more demands on this region. In addition, the fact that the center has a sea coast has a great effect on this. Delicious cheeses, tomatoes from the branch, organic omelettes, salad plates and hot pancakes… In short, you will love all the presentations in these breakfast shops. Here are the details…

Places to have breakfast in the center of Kusadasi:

  • Tranche breakfast
  • Marine New Generation
  • Marvista Restaurant
  • Picnic Restaurant
  • Ayvalik Fisherman
  • Casablanca Restaurants
  • Historical Ottoman Breakfast Hall
  • My Asado

Kusadasi Marina Breakfast Places

The old marina is the first stopover point for ships coming to the city. Tourists enter the city through this place. Setur Marina is the new face of the city. It has wonderful and modern spaces inside. For breakfast eaters, this place offers a good option. So where to have breakfast in the center of Kusadasi? Here are some great suggestions…

Kusadasi marina breakfast:

  • Coffee World – Marina
  • La Terazza Kusadasi
  • Ocean Marine
  • Ayvalik Fisherman
  • Tranche
  • Haddock Restaurant
  • Dejavu Marine
  • Bottarga Restaurant

Kusadasi Kirazli Village Breakfast Places

breakfast places in Kuşadası , Kirazlı is the place where the village concept is best applied. Kirazlı village, which is very close to Kuşadası, is a location where weekend breakfast lovers flock . All elements of organic and local gastronomy are reflected on the tables. Taste is very high. In short, there are all kinds of details that make people happy in a breakfast. So which breakfast place to go to in Kirazlı village? Let’s take a look at the details…

Kusadasi Kirazli village breakfast:

  • Sultan’s Table Valley
  • Aegean’s Place Village Breakfast
  • Kirazli Sultan Mansion
  • Ephesus Lodge
  • Salkım Burgas
  • Village Table
  • Kirazli Boutique Hotel & Restaurant
  • Yedibilgeler Vineyard House
  • Salkım Burgas


Kusadasi breakfast places. We wish you a summer full of delicious breakfasts.


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