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Jam Prices 2023

Jam prices 2023 information has been announced. This year, it is possible to buy jam with 30% discount in BİM, A101 and ŞOK markets. Jams, which are an indispensable food in breakfast tables and mixed breakfast culture, are supplied in ready-made packages and can also be purchased as homemade organic products. The variety of products also changes according to the seasons. While 380 g of market products start from 22.50 TL, organic jams are around 58 TL.

Jams that make breakfast tables delicious are loved by everyone from 7 to 70 with their sweet and spreadable structure. In the morning, children start the day full of energy with strawberry or cherry jam spread on toast. There are 2 important parameters when buying jam. The first is to choose a product that is in season. The second finds the jam with the cheapest price. We, as the EniyiKahvaltı.com platform, have created the cheapest jam prices for you in 2023 . How much is organic jams? Are homemade jams expensive? Where to buy cheap jam? Read this article to the end for answers to your questions.

Cheapest Jam Prices 2023

Jam is one of the most rooted foods of Turkish cuisine. Its origin dates back to Ottoman Cuisine. It is obtained by boiling fruits and various vegetables with sugar. It is originally consumed in morning breakfast menus. While it gives energy to individuals who consume its sugary and fruity structure, it also provides a pleasant palate experience. It is offered for sale in jars. Prices for 1 jar of jam will be sold in 2023 with different recipes. While the ideal sales rate of 380 grams of jam is 22.50 TL, the price of 1 kilogram of jam is around 54.90 TL.

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What is jam?

Organic homemade jams are an element of a healthy diet. Experts say that it will be beneficial for individuals of all ages to consume it at certain intervals. For this reason, there is definitely at least 1 kind of jam jar in every house. Jam prices according to varieties 2023 information is as follows…

Table of the cheapest market and organic jam varieties in 2023:

2023strawberry jam price350 gr. jar22.50 TL
2023sour cherry jam price350 gr. jar22.50 TL
2023apple jam price350 gr. jar32.50 TL
2023pear jam price350 gr. jar32.50 TL
2023raspberry jam price350 gr. jar22.50 TL
2023blackberry jam price350 gr. jar42.50 TL
2023Fresh Walnut jam price350 gr. jar42.50 TL
2023Quince jam price350 gr. jar22.50 TL
2023Bergamot jam price350 gr. jar32.50 TL
2023Orange jam price350 gr. jar22.50 TL
2023rose jam price350 gr. jar43.50 TL
2023tomato jam price350 gr. jar19.50 TL
2023Eggplant jam350 gr. jar42.50 TL
2023artichoke jam price350 gr. jar37.50 TL
2023apricot jam price350 gr. jar33.50 TL
2023May Strawberry jam350 gr. jar43.50 TL
2023melon jam price350 gr. jar49.50 TL
2023watermelon jam350 gr. jar52.50 TL
2023plum jam price350 gr. jar28.50 TL
2023cherry jam350 gr. jar22.50 TL

*Figures vary by sales channel.

Affordable and Delicious A101 Jam Prices 2023

A101 market continues to offer the most affordable shopping opportunity for jam. While Turkaş and Bolmix jam jars are displayed in the aisles, Tamek jams are also sold in some branches. A101 jam prices According to 2023 information, 800 gr Tukaş quince jam is 43.80 TL. The price of 1 kg of Bolmix Cherry Jam is 49.90 TL. Quince, orange, fig, grape, strawberry, cherry and Anavarza jams are purchased from the A101 market. The products of the Tamek brand are a little expensive compared to the others. The jar price of 350 gr Tamek A101 jam starts from 27.50 TL. These lists are likely to change depending on seasonal campaigns and economic conditions.

BİM Jam Prices List in 2023

BİM jams are a great option for those who care about the family budget and want to take advantage of shopping for breakfast products. With the increase in inflation rates in the country, the prices of fruits and vegetables also increased. This situation was also reflected in the sales figures of 380 gr and 800 gr jars of jams. Nevertheless, you will find products that sell the cheapest jam varieties among chain markets and that exceed expectations in terms of taste, in BİM aisles this year as well. But how much was BİM jam prices in 2023? Here is the answer…

Current price of jam varieties in BİM markets in 2023:

  • 2023 BİM 380 gr Yenigün strawberry jam price – 21.95 TL
  • 2023 BİM Yenigün sour cherry jam 800 gr jar price – 39,90 TL
  • BİM Tukaş strawberry jam 800 gr price – 52 TL

ŞOK Market Jam Prices in 2023

While we have mentioned the jam prices of BİM and A101 markets, it is not possible to pass by SHOCK markets without touching them. Because it has a situation that competes with all chain markets with affordable prices. They prove this to their customers once again with their jam prices. If you want to buy cherry or strawberry jam from ŞOK market in 2023, you will pay around 22 TL for a 380 gram jar. If you buy 800 grams, you will pay 49.50 TL. Boltane brand products are preferred here. There is also a sale of jam in 2 kilo jars. Its price is 99 TL.

Organic Jam Prices 2023

Organic jam culture is a concept that has attracted great interest in our country in recent years and its production has been increased. The organic sensitivity process begins from the growing stage of fruits and vegetables. The principle of 100% organic is also adhered to in materials such as sugar used in making jam. Those who pay attention to a healthy life and those who have some ailments generally use organic jams. But how much was the organic jam prices in 2023? Here are the details…

Price of organic jams in 2023:

  • 2023 380 gram price of organic strawberry jam – 59.50 TL
  • 2023 Organic sour cherry jam 1 kg price – 130 TL
  • 2023 Organic quince jam 1 kg price – 130 TL

* These are estimated prices.

Homemade Jam Prices in 2023

Finally, we will talk about homemade jams and their prices. Homemade jam means that the products are prepared and offered for sale by competent people at home instead of in an industrial environment. Being healthy and most importantly delicious is among the serious consumption parameters for consumers . Handmade jams are filled in jars and offered for sale. It is sold 40% more expensive than market jams. Considering its content and trouble, it is a very natural price policy.

Homemade jam prices will vary in 2023 according to its weight. Jams in 380 gram jars have a selling price starting from 59 TL. It is also possible to buy 1 kg of homemade jam for an average of 130 TL. According to the information in our article, you can order the jam that best fits your budget. Bon Appetit.

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