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Hafta sonu cool bir kahvaltı yapmak istiyorsanız rotanızı Galata Kulesi bölgesine çevirin. Peki ama en güzel Galata kahvaltı mekanları nerede? Galata’da serpme menü için hangi restorana gidilir? Enİ’un Galata ekipleri sizler için araştırdı.

Galata Tower, the symbol of Istanbul, stands out with its breakfast as well as its fascinating structure. Galata breakfast places are one of the city’s popular options for morning meals. Sausage, pastrami, pancakes, local cheeses, homemade jams and many other special flavors are undoubtedly at the level you would like to see and taste on your table… But it may not be easy for you to choose the best one among more than 40 breakfast restaurants in Galata. We researched and discovered the most popular Galata spreading place : Payidar Galata.

Galata Tower, which creates the most beautiful view of Istanbul with the Bosphorus, offers a romantic process in cafes and restaurants scattered on its skirts. Sometimes you can even see couples having breakfast by candlelight. Undoubtedly, the atmosphere is fascinating. However, since having breakfast in Galata has become a popular event, you come across a restaurant in the area. For this reason, Galata breakfast places His advice is invaluable.

cool breakfast on the weekend, turn your route to the Galata Tower area. But where are the best Galata breakfast places? Which restaurant do you go to for a spread menu in Galata? The Galata teams of searched for you .

Bist Bahçe

Best Galata Breakfast Places to Visit 2023/2024

climbing the Galata Tower , which gives its name to the district , and watching the view , having breakfast against the Galata Tower, drinking a cup of coffee, and having a romantic dinner are also popular choices. For this reason, it is flooded by thousands of local and foreign tourists. In this article , we would like to recommend the most beautiful Galata breakfast places overlooking the tower. Payidar is the first restaurant in this list. Galata Frida House or Privato Caffe are good ideas for both breakfast and a pleasant coffee.

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The most popular breakfast places to visit in 2023 – 2024 Istanbul Galata region:

oneShareholder Galata10/9.710/9.8
2Galata Frida House Cafe10/9.610/9.6
3Shop Galata10/9.510/9.7
4Privato cafe Ristaurante10/9.710/9.6
5galsta Restaurant Bar10/9.310/9.1
6Güney Restaurant 1964 – Kuledibi10/9.310/9.4
7Nakka Galata Bistro10/9.310/9.7
8Namlı Gourmet10/9.510/9.7
9Galata Konak Cafe10/9.710/9.6
10Federal Galata10/9.310/9.1
11thFiruzende Galata10/9.310/9.4
12Sazende Art Cafe10/9.310/9.7
13Pepo’s Galata10/9.510/9.7
14Hall GALATA10/9.710/9.6
15F&B Culture10/9.310/9.1


You can find a breakfast menu from every cuisine in the Galata region. You have the opportunity to experience buffet, brunch, spread, village breakfast or the famous English breakfast.

Payidar: Famous and Private Galata Breakfast

It is one of the closest breakfast restaurants to Galata Tower. Only 3 minutes walking distance away. The interior and exterior architecture is really special. Texture and flavor come together to make you feel a beautiful Galata morning. Here you experience a spring branch breakfast. Especially the breakfast dishes brought from the Macedonian region left an unforgettable taste for us. Soka pickle, Cvelko pickled beetroot, Ajvar and Kashkaval cheese are some of the specialties we tried at the place .

A sincere business and friendly service await you here. Galata deserves to be at the top of breakfast venues . An idea you won’t regret.

BREAKFAST PRICE: 240 TL *per person

CONTACT: (0212) 243 19 20

ADDRESS: Bereketzade , Büyük Hendek Cd . No:35, 34421 Beyoglu/Istanbul

INSTAGRAM: sharedargalata

Monday8:30 to 24:00
Tuesday8:30 to 24:00
Wednesday8:30 to 24:00
Thursday8:30 to 24:00
Friday8:30 to 24:00
Saturday8:30 to 24:00
Sunday8:30 to 24:00


https:// /-c-EEPocQE8

Galata Frida House Cafe : Wonderful Concept Delicious Taste

Galata breakfast places adventure, which we started with the song “You wander in Beyoğlu, you roll your eyes,” there is Frida House, which serves with its different architecture and motto . When books, dim lights and Frida paintings came to the interior structure with high ceilings and column-free, a cafe concept was formed. The breakfast is as beautiful as its decoration, you can be sure of that. There are 3 or 4 special flavors among 24 types of presentations. They also set up a very colorful and varied table in group organizations.

only complaint is that the service is a little late. Hard breakfasters see this as a problem, as you can imagine. For your information…

BREAKFAST PRICE: 220 TL *per person

CONTACT: 0544 778 09 78

ADDRESS: Şahkulu , İlk Belediye Cd . NO:6/B, 34421 Beyoğlu/Istanbul

INSTAGRAM: galatafridahouse

Monday9:00 to 23:00
Tuesday9:00 to 23:00
Wednesday9:00 to 23:00
Thursday9:00 to 23:00
Friday9:00 to 23:00
Saturday9:00 to 23:00
Sunday9:00 to 23:00


Privato cafe Ristaurante : Different Specialties are Waiting for You at the Sprinkled Breakfast

Privato with beautiful menu presentations cafe Ristaurante has become one of the most popular Galata breakfast places . We loved the homemade hazelnut paste and quince marmalade. Acuka and Avocado paste are the specialties that deserve the praise one by one in our opinion. It is possible to enumerate many features. But one of the highlights is that you are having your breakfast on a street overlooking the Galata Tower. Both romantic, historical and delicious… Here you go , Privato To the cafe …

BREAKFAST PRICE: 240 TL *per person

CONTACT: (0212) 293 20 55

ADDRESS: Şahkulu , Timarci Sk . No:3, 34421 Beyoglu/Istanbul

INSTAGRAM: privatocafe

Monday8:30 to 23:00
Tuesday8:30 to 23:00
Wednesday8:30 to 23:00
Thursday8:30 to 23:00
Friday8:30 to 23:00
Saturday8:30 to 23:00
Sunday8:30 to 23:00


Galata Konak Cafe : Its View and Breakfast Will Fascinate You

It has a dreamlike Galata Tower view. Tables have been set up both on a hill overlooking the city and against the fascinating view of Galata. You can start the day with a nice breakfast like every meal of the day. They serve the classic Anatolian sprinkle concept . There is nothing from cheese to honey. We can say that it is one of the best Galata breakfast places .

BREAKFAST PRICE: 240 TL *per person

CONTACT: (0212) 252 53 46

ADDRESS: Bereketzade , Haci Ali Sk . No:2, 34425 Beyoglu/Istanbul

INSTAGRAM: galatakonakcafe

Monday9:00 to 22:00
Tuesday9:00 to 22:00
Wednesday9:00 to 22:00
Thursday9:00 to 22:00
Friday9:00 to 22:00
Saturday9:00 to 22:00
Sunday9:00 to 22:00


These are the things you need to know to have breakfast in Galata Tower

Galata Tower is everyone’s dream. Anyone who goes to Istanbul should definitely step here. The streets of Galata, which are animated with the first light of the morning, are the preferred point of breakfast lovers. Galata is beautiful in every season of the year. But the color of the streets in spring gives people a different feeling. In summary , you have many reasons to go to Galata breakfast places . We wish you good luck.

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