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Fruit Juice Prices 2023

Sabah kahvaltısının, öğle atıştırmalıklarının ya da akşam yemeğinin yanına buz gibi bir meyve suyu ile lezzet keyfi yaşanır. Gazlı içeceklerden sonra dünyada en fazla tüketilen meşrubat türüdür. Peki ama BİM meyve suyu fiyatları ne kadar oldu? A101 markette 200 ml meyve suyu kaç TL? 27’li kutu meyve suyu tıptan satışı kaçtan yapılıyor? Hepsine 2023/2024 güncel bilgilerle cevap vereceğiz.

Migros BİM A101 fruit juice prices 2023 are a product researched by individuals of all ages in 2023. It tastes great on its own to accompany meals or to cool off in the hot summer months. Today, 17 different brands produce more than 100 types of juice. Prices also vary according to quality and taste. If we start by looking at the 2022 data, 200 ml of fruit juice with 27 was sold for 89.30 TL . In 2023, a can of 200 ml product rose to between 4.80 and 9 TL . In other words, an average increase of 48% came. Of course, these hikes will also affect the fruit juice price in 2024 and will have the possibility of increasing the cheapest product over 10 TL in 2024.

Fruit juices are produced from natural vegetables and fruits. It is obtained by crushing fresh fruits. By adding a certain amount of water to the pulp of the crushed fruits, it becomes the final form we buy from the markets. Of course, preservatives can also be added.

You can enjoy the taste with an ice-cold juice next to your breakfast, lunch snacks or dinner. It is the most consumed beverage type in the world after carbonated drinks. But how much were the BİM fruit juice prices? How much is 200 ml of fruit juice in A101 market? How much is the sale of 27 boxes of fruit juice from medicine? We will answer all of them with up-to-date information 2023/2024.

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Current Fruit Juice Prices 2023 List

When fruit juice is mentioned, brands such as Dimes, Cappy, Aroma and Tamek come to mind. The fact that the products of these brands contain up to 80% fruit makes it attractive with its content as well as its taste. Fruit juice prices are on average 5 TL for 200 ml and 25 TL for 1 liter in 2023. 40% cheaper fruit juices are sold in BİM and A101 markets. For example , Jucy 1 liter pack costs as low as 16.80 TL . Migros can also be included in the affordable point of sale. In 2024, the minimum fruit juice price starts from 8.60 TL and can reach up to a maximum of 50 TL. It seems likely that these figures will be in the first quarter of the year.

There are dozens of factors that determine the price of 200 ml or 1 lt of fruit juice . Such as the type of material it is packaged in, its concentrate ratio, the type of fruit used in its content, its brand and place of sale… Of course, there is also the inflation monster. Market labels can change almost every day. We have made a price analysis between markets for you.

Sales prices list of 200 ml, 1 lt fruit juice in 2023 and 2024:

2023Dimes 100% Mixed Fruit Juice 128 TL – 30 TL10/9.8
2023Dimes 100% Orange Juice 1 L31 TL – 33 TL10/9.7
2023Dimes 100% Apple Juice 1 L28 TL – 30 TL10/9.5
2023Cappy Pulpy Orange Juice Pet 1 L25 TL – 30 TL10/9.7
2023Migros Cherry Nectar 1 L16.70 TL – 18 TL10/9.9
2023Dimes Pineapple Drink 1 L22 TL – 25 TL10/9.2
2023Cappy Garden Peach Juice Box 1 L25 TL – 30 TL10/9.1
2023Dimes 100% Apple – Cherry Juice 1 L28 TL – 30 TL10/9.4
2023Dimes 100% Peach – Apple Juice 1 L28 TL – 30 TL10/9.7
2023Cappy Atom Honey Mixed Juice Box 1 L25 TL – 30 TL10/9.6
2023Cappy Garden Peach Juice Box 200 Ml6 TL – 8 TL10/9.3
2023Cappy Garden Mixed Juice Box 1 L25 TL – 30 TL10/9.4
2023Dimes Sour Apple 1 L22 TL – 25 TL10/9.8
2023Dimes Moments Squeezed Orange Juice 700 Ml49 TL – 55 TL10/9.7
2023Exotic Orange Juice 750 Cc25 TL – 30 TL10/9.4
2023Dimes Mixed Fruit Nectar 200 Ml5.75 TL – 8 TL10/9.9
2023Migros Peach Nectar 200 ml4 TL – 7 TL10/9.8
2023Migros Mixed Nectar 1000 Ml16.75 TL – 19 TL10/9.5
2023Tamek Mixed Fruit Nectar 200 Ml6 TL – 9 TL10/9.8
2023Uludağ Fruity Grapefruit 1 L16 TL – 19 TL10/9.8


a)      How Much Is Dimes Fruit Juice 1 lt Price?

Dimes, which has been producing fruit juice since 1965, is one of the country’s most established soft drink producers. It is the common choice of those looking for quality drinks. They catch the closest level to fruit in drinks. It produces more than 18 varieties and the price of each is different. In general, Dimes fruit juice prices have an average of 6 TL per 200 ml in 2023. 1 liter goes up to 39 TL. The data for 2024 will change and it is said that it can reach a minimum of 10 TL according to the upcoming hikes.

b)      How much was 200 ml of Fruit Juice?

Among the fruit juice varieties, the most consumed weight is 200 ml packages. Sold in cardboard boxes with straws. Undoubtedly, it is indispensable for children’s lunchboxes. If you buy a single, you can reach this product in 2023 at the cheapest price of 4.50 TL. If you buy it with a parcel, the unit price can decrease to 4 TL. It will not be possible to talk about the same figures for 2024.

c)      How Much Is the Wholesale Fruit Juice Sold?

Restaurant businesses or crowded families prefer wholesale shopping to have fruit juice cheaper. 200 ml products are sold wholesale in boxes of 27. The wholesale of 1 liter is also sold in boxes of 12. Wholesale fruit juice prices vary according to the brand. The type of fruit also determines the price. For example, strawberry juice and orange juice are not the same.

d)      Where to Buy Cheapest 200 ml Fruit Juice?

Today, it is possible to buy fruit juice in every market. But since it is a very flexible market, it has a wide price pool. It should be noted that Dimes, Cappy or Aroma brands are the most expensive. The markets with the cheapest fruit juice prices are BİM, A101 and Migros. Since these markets produce their own brands, they sell at reasonable prices.

BİM Fruit Juice Prices 2023 Table

BİM market comes to mind when it comes to the cheapest place to sell fruit juice. Its own production products called Jucy provide an affordable shopping for both 200 ml and 1 liter needs. BİM fruit juice prices 2023 list has been announced. We examined the call center, brochures and store sections. BİM Jucy 200 ml varieties are sold for 3.90 TL. The inflation monster is constantly affecting these products. The figures can go up to 5.30 TL throughout the year . In addition, 200 ml products of Dimes and Tamek brands are sold in the aisle and the price is seen at the level of 5.80 TL. BİM 2024 fruit juice prices are also being investigated in advance. In 2024, it is likely that you will be able to buy 200 ml of fruit juice at BİM for a price over 6 TL.

BİM market can organize special campaigns on certain days every month. Fruit juices are also sometimes included in these campaigns. During the campaign, BİM fruit juice prices can go as low as 3.80 TL.

BİM fruit juice prices list in 2023 – 2024:

2023BİM Market Dimes 200 ml Fruit Juice4.40 TL – 5.80 TL
2023BİM Market Tamek 200 ml Fruit Juice6 TL – 9 TL
2023BİM Market Jucy 200 ml Fruit Juice with Apple3.90 TL – 5.30 TL
2023BİM Market Jucy 200 ml Fruit Juice Peach3.90 TL – 5.30 TL
2023BİM Market Jucy 200 ml Fruit Juice apricot3.90 TL – 5.30 TL
2023BİM Market Jucy 200 ml Fruit Juice with Cherry3.90 TL – 5.30 TL
2023BİM Market Jucy 1 Liter Fruit Juice with Apple17.80 TL – 19.30 TL
2023BİM Market Jucy 1 Liter Fruit Juice Peach17.80 TL – 19.30 TL
2023BİM Market Jucy 1 Liter Fruit Juice mixed17.80 TL – 19.30 TL
2023BİM Market Jucy 1 Liter Fruit Juice Apricot17.80 TL – 19.30 TL
2023BİM Market Jucy 1 Liter Fruit Juice with Cherry17.80 TL – 19.30 TL
2023BİM Market Jucy 1 Liter Fruit Juice Orange17.80 TL – 19.30 TL


The Cheapest 27 Fruit Juice Prices 2023 List

For wholesale shopping, a list of 27 fruit juice prices 2023 is researched. 10 different brands sell 200 ml products in 27 boxes. Tamek 27’s are 145 TL, Dimes 27’s are 165 TL and Meysu 27’s fruit juice is around 179 TL.

Price list of 27 fruit juices in 2023 – 2024:

2023Juss Cooler 2 Pack Juice Peach79.40 TL – 83.60 TL
2023Tamek Fruit Juice Mixed 27 Li in Box145.30 TL – 155.80 TL
2023Dimes Fruit Nectar Peach Juice 200 Ml (27 Pieces)165 TL – 180 TL
2023Fruit Nectar Mixed 200 Ml (27 Pieces)179 TL – 189 TL
2023Meyöz Mixed Fruit Juice 200 Ml 27 Pieces in Box177 TL – 187 TL
2023Aroma Fruit Juice 1/5 Mixed 200 Ml 27 Pieces149 TL – 155 TL
2023Cappy Peach Juice 200 Ml 27 Pcs149 TL – 155 TL


Latest A101 Fruit Juice Prices 2023

Our last research was A101 fruit juice prices in the direction of 2023. Dooy and Juss brands are sold at cheap prices in the A101 market. You pay 4.99 TL for 200 ml. You are likely to pay 16.90 TL for 1 liter. Price has not been determined yet for 2024 A101 fruit juices.

A101 market fruit juice price list in 2023 – 2024:

2023A101 Dooy Safari Fruit Drink 200 ml4.99 TL – 6.30 TL
2023A101 Dooy Magic Dragon Fruit Drink 200 ml4.99 TL – 6.30 TL
2023A101 Juss Fruit Juice 100% Mixed 1 L22 TL – 25 TL
2023A101 Dooy Fruit Nectar Cherry 1 L16.90 TL – 18.40 TL
2023A101 Capri Sun Fruit Drink Safari 200 ml5.80 TL – 6.80 TL
2023A101 Dooy Fruit Nectar Apricot 1 L16.90 TL – 18.40 TL
2023A101 Cappy Fruit Drink Cherry 200 ml5.80 TL – 6.80 TL
2023Juss Fruit Juice 100% Apple Cherry 1 L16.90 TL – 18.40 TL


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