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Fethiye breakfast places… Fethiye , which hosts millions of local and foreign tourists during the holiday season , also has very good options in terms of breakfast places. There are dozens of elements that attract holidaymakers in the region. From the beauty of the sea to its untouched coves, from paragliding activities to scuba diving organizations, from nature walks to shore excursions, in short, everything a holiday should have is available here. The interest here is proof of that. However, all of these are not enough for a good holiday. It should also have rich contents and places in terms of gastronomy. So where is the best place to have breakfast in Fethiye? Here are the details…

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We get most of our energy during the day from this meal. Especially if we are on holiday, the importance of breakfast is doubled. Because we are on the move all day and our body needs a lot of energy. For this, we search for Fethiye breakfast places . First of all, in this paradise district of Muğla, there are many businesses that offer high flavors in their morning menus. In this article, we have listed the places we have experienced and given full marks. Make sure to include these breakfast eaters in your 2022 holiday plans.

Best Breakfast Places in Fethiye

When Fethiye is mentioned, paragliding activity may come to mind first. In fact, the postcard square of Ölüdeniz Beach can often appear . However, the region is also famous for its breakfast delicacies. The harmony of a wide variety of local products and hot tea on large tables leaves a wonderful taste on the palate. Such good tastes on holiday are important for people to have a good time. So, let’s find out where the best breakfast places to go in Fethiye are in 2022.

Best Breakfast Places in Fethiye:

  • home made cakery
  • Saklikent Paradise Park Restaurant
  • Seahorse Restaurant
  • Mori Restaurant
  • Senit Bread & Breakfast
  • Citrus Mediterranean Cuisine
  • LimonH2O Cafe Bistro

1)      Homemade cakery

Burcu İçke , the venue offers one of the best choices among Fethiye breakfast places. Like the different interior decoration of the place, its presentations are also quite original. They mainly serve on plates for breakfast, but their flavors are really worth experiencing. It is worth noting that their products are completely homemade. They have already reflected this in their flavors. In short, if you are in Fethiye during your holiday, you should definitely stop by here for breakfast one morning.

TASTE: Homemade presentations are worth experiencing.

TIME: Great presentations are made between 10:00 and 14:00

PRICE: The rates for the breakfast taste offered are very reasonable.

CONTACT: 0 536 587 42 79

ADDRESS: Cumhuriyet Mah. Dispensary Cad. No:17/A Fethiye


2)      Saklıkent Paradise Park Restaurant

One of the first places that comes to mind when Fethiye is mentioned is Saklıkent Canyon. Tourists flock here in summer. The view is also quite beautiful. This is exactly where Saklıkent Paradise Park Restaurant is located. You can have your Sunday breakfast here, accompanied by a wonderful view. The presentations are flavor-oriented. We also emphasize that their prices are reasonable. Fethiye has a really special location among breakfast places.

TASTE: They have unique spread breakfast foods.

TIME: From 10:00 to great presentations

PRICE: Prices are very good compared to Fethiye region.

CONTACT: 0 532 606 17 55

ADDRESS: Saklıkent Gökçesu , Seydikemer , Fethiye, Muğla


3)      Denizatı Restaurant

Although there are many alternatives for those looking for breakfast places by the sea in Fethiye, most of them cannot replace Denizati Restaurant breakfast. This place, which has been operating for many years, continues to be loved by tourists for its friendly service. You will find the harmony of local flavors on the table. You can find all kinds of breakfast items here, from cheese to honey, from butter to jam, from flatbread to squeezed oranges.

TASTE: A hot tea with a view gives you peace of mind.

TIME: Businesses open their doors at 09:00 and serve breakfast all day long.

PRICE: Prices are moderate compared to Fethiye region.

CONTACT: 0 252 614 86 36

ADDRESS: Babatasi , Cahit Gunduz Cd ., Fethiye, Mugla


4)      Mori Restaurant

There is a flavor place in Fethiye that comes from the opposite shores of the Aegean. Mori restaurant adds color to the morning breakfasts with its unique Aegean presentations. As can be expected, it is possible to see plenty of olive oil presentations. Fethiye has a popular location among breakfast places. You can find peace and taste by taking a short break here on your holiday. We recommend making a reservation before going to the venue. Because the interest in breakfast is very intense.

TASTE: The spread breakfast has very good ingredients.

TIME: Businesses open their doors at 09:00 and serve breakfast all day long.

PRICE: Their prices are reasonable considering the variety of breakfast they offer.

CONTACT: 0 252 612 50 67

ADDRESS: Karagözler, Yacht Classic Hotel, 1. Karagözler Mah , Fevzi Çakmak Cd . No 24, Fethiye, Mugla


5)      Senit Ekmek & Kahvaltı

Fethiye breakfast places , we are here with another unique breakfast place. Senit Ekmek & Breakfast place is also a bakery where breads like miss are produced. As a result, hot bread always comes to your tables. The smell of the butter spread on the bread, which keeps the smoke, gives a feeling of hunger. Also, don’t forget the homemade jams. They have very fragrant jams.

TASTE: Be sure to experience their warm bakery products .

HOUR: The business operates all day long.

PRICE: Price policies are at a very good level compared to Fethiye region.

CONTACT: 0 554 514 05 22

ADDRESS: Fevzi Çakmak Street Kayaköy District, Kayaköy , Mugla


6)      Citrus Mediterranean Cuisine

Perhaps the most beautiful establishment among the breakfast places with sea view in Fethiye is Citrus . It is impossible not to be amazed by those who come here. Peace, serenity and taste all together. The appetites that are opened by looking at the endless blue leave its place to satiation with its unique sprinkle presentations. Also, be sure to bring your camera with you when you go here. Because you will find great frames for your lens.

DELICIOUS: Make sure to experience the spread breakfast.

HOUR: The business operates all day long.

PRICE: Price policies are at a very good level compared to Fethiye region.

CONTACT: 0 252 612 65 75

ADDRESS: Karagözler, Abdi İpekçi Cd . No:25, Fethiye/Mugla


7)      LimonH2O Cafe Bistro

LimonH2O breakfast place is a good alternative to reach delicious menus with friendly service. The venue has been operating in Fethiye for many years and today attracts great attention. It is almost impossible to find an empty table, especially during the holiday season. For this reason, individuals usually make their reservations during the week. We recommend you to taste their homemade jams when you come here.

TASTE: The spread breakfast has very good ingredients.

TIME: Businesses open their doors at 09:00 and serve breakfast all day long.

PRICE: Their prices are reasonable considering the variety of breakfast they offer.

CONTACT: 0 252 612 70 72

ADDRESS: Cumhuriyet Mh . Ataturk Cd . No: 17/A Next to Migros, Fethiye, Mugla


Fethiye Breakfast Prices 2022

While we are looking for Fethiye breakfasts with quality, unique taste, friendly service and original presentations, we also want to have them at budget-friendly prices. This is a perfectly justified demand. Because budgets are very difficult in our holiday processes. It is almost impossible not to spend money, especially in a place like Fethiye, where there are plenty of activities and places to visit. But how many TL were Fethiye breakfast prices in 2022 ? Are sprinkles and local presentations expensive this year? You will find the answers to these questions in the rest of the article…

Fethiye breakfast places have the feature to meet the demands of every individual, whether it is location, landscape and architectural decoration, as well as presentation, variety and taste. Although the accommodation is generally in five-star hotels, people sometimes want to start the day with a different and village breakfast concept. After all, isn’t it the discovery that makes a holiday beautiful? Discoveries have a price, of course. For this reason, we researched the prices of Fethiye breakfast shops, which are very curious. These rates may vary from season to season. Here are the details…

Fethiye breakfast prices 2022:



Note that the price descriptions we have mentioned above are for illustrative purposes only. You can always get the clearest information on this subject by calling the venues.

a)      How Much Are the Prices of Fethiye Spread Breakfast?

Breakfast is not included in holiday budgets. Because individuals usually stay in hotels that include breakfast. They allocate a large part of their budget to daily activities such as paragliding, TV safari, scuba diving, boat tours, and nightlife. But sometimes the standard presentations of the hotels can be boring and the desire to discover new tastes may outweigh. In such moments, ‘How much are the prices of spread breakfast in Fethiye?’ problematic arises. Here are the average prices…

Fethiye Breakfast Price in 2022:

  • Breakfast Price for 1 Person – Between 75 TL and 125 TL
  • Breakfast Price for 2 Persons – Between 150 TL and 250 TL
  • Breakfast Price for 3 Persons – Between 225 TL and 325 TL
  • Breakfast Price for 4 Persons – Between 300 TL and 450 TL
  • Open Buffet Breakfast Price per Person – Between 100 TL and 200 TL
  • Organic Village Breakfast Price Per Person – Between 150 TL and 300 TL
  • Local Spread Breakfast Price Per Person – Between 150 TL and 300 TL
  • Brunch Breakfast Price Per Person – Between 100 TL and 200 TL

b)      How much is breakfast in Fethiye?

Fethiye breakfast places have unique beauty breakfasts to have a delicious and delicious weekend breakfast . Yes, it is impossible to stay hungry in the morning when you come here on vacation. If you want, you can sit at a table by the sea and inhale the smell of iodine, or you can breathe in a place intertwined with nature. Prices were set at budget-friendly rates in 2022. The fees determined by the calculation per person are on average between 75 and 150 TL. Of course, there can be variability depending on the quality of the place and the variety of presentation. For example, this figure can reach 250 TL in some breakfast shops.

c)      Is Breakfast Expensive in Fethiye?

The answer to this frequently asked question varies depending on the destination. If you want to equip a table in a breakfast restaurant by the sea, of course, the rates will increase a little. If you prefer open buffet places in more central points , the prices will decrease to more reasonable rates. But it should be noted that the scattering concept always has a slightly more reasonable price.

Fethiye Sea View Breakfast Places

One of the details that makes a breakfast unique is the beauty of the view offered by the place. Nature and sea views have a unique importance in this regard. Both are abundantly available in Fethiye Oludeniz region. The sea makes people hungry. Eyes that dive into the horizon, on the other hand, cause a spirit of serenity. For this reason, we will give you some suggestions. Here are the breakfast places with sea view in Fethiye … If you find your way here this summer, you should definitely experience our recommendations.

Fethiye Seafront Breakfasts:

  • Seahorse Restaurant & Bar
  • Önallar Village Table
  • Zircon Meat And Grill
  • Chat Restaurant
  • Sea Cafe
  • Carikli Meat Restaurant
  • Bogazici Restaurant

Fethiye Breakfast Recommendation

Fethiye’s breakfast culture is rich, its venues are modern and its flavors are unique. The people of the city attach great importance to gastronomy. This, of course, creates a lot of diversity. Fethiye breakfast restaurants continue to offer unforgettable tastes to city dwellers and holidaymakers in 2022. However, a wide variety of structures can often cause people to have difficulties in their choices. Wrong choices cause a bad start to the day. At this point, the importance of recommendations emerges. Let’s find out the names of a few special breakfast places.

Fethiye breakfast recommendation 2022:

  • the local Pub & Garden
  • Meeting Point Restaurant
  • Seahorse Restaurant
  • Mori Restaurant
  • Mulberry Tree Cafe
  • Cafe Soul Restaurant
  • Oben Restaurant
  • Brother’s Restaurant
  • Cafe Cayli
  • LemonH2O Diner

a.       Where to have breakfast in Fethiye?

For those who find it difficult to find a breakfast place, the process can be a bit troublesome. Because reaching the right flavors on holiday is an important factor. For this, where to have breakfast in Fethiye? It is necessary to find the best answers to the question. If you like the seaside, we recommend Denizati breakfast. If you intend to escape to nature and breathe instead, Mulberry Tree Cafe will be an ideal choice. In addition to these, if you miss a little boutique air, LimonH2O cafe is just for you.

b.      Where is the Best Village Breakfast in Fethiye?

There is a wide variety of concept structures in breakfasts. There are dozens of different cultures in Turkey. One of them is the village breakfast concept, as can be expected. If you want to reach the delicious village delicacies among Fethiye breakfast places , Ci We can recommend Gusta breakfast. They give importance to visual presentation as much as they are delicious. You will definitely be satisfied here…

c.       Which breakfast place to go to in Fethiye?

This question has multiple answers. First of all, you have to decide what kind of space you care about. If you are looking for a village breakfast Ci Gusta , if you want to start the day in a place surrounded by the sea, Denizati Restaurant will be a good alternative, and if you want to experience a more modern place, Flora Cafe will be a good alternative.

Kayakoy Breakfast Places

Kayakoy region is of high importance among Fethiye breakfast places . With its ancient structure, the region also makes individuals feel the historical texture. When history and taste come together, a wonderful harmony emerges. Due to the increasing interest in recent years, many breakfast shops have been opened in the region. For this reason, we made a detailed examination on the spot and listed the best ones for you. You will never regret going to these places.

Kayakoy Breakfast Places:

  • Lebessos Wine Haus Restaurant
  • Efetto Kayakoy
  • Basil Breakfast & Grill
  • Izela Restaurant
  • Kayakoy Table
  • Bülent’s Place
  • Cin Honey Kebab Shop
  • root
  • Pan Restaurant Kayakoy

I.            Where to Have Breakfast in Kayaköy ?

How about starting the day with a nice breakfast before visiting the historical buildings in the region? Then we strongly recommend you the breakfast place called Bülent’in Yeri. It is possible to say that it is one of the best in the region. It fascinates everyone with its special homemade jams. In addition, breakfast prices are quite reasonable compared to the average of Kayakoy .

II.            Kayakoy Breakfast Price How Much TL?

Kayaköy breakfast places have taken their place among the topics of interest in recent years. Tourists flock here during the summer season and they first have a nice breakfast before visiting the ancient structures. Breakfast prices are around 100 TL per person on average. You can call the venues for detailed information.


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