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Eminönü’nde daha önce kahvaltıya gidilmediyse araştırma yapmak iyi olacaktır. Peki ama en iyi Eminönü kahvaltı mekanları hangileri? İstanbul’un Eminönü bölgesinde sabah kahvaltısına nereye gidilir? Meşhur Eminönü serpme kahvaltıcısı nerede? İşte detaylar…

Eminönü breakfast places prepare the tables that are missed from the first hours of the morning every day. You experience the pleasant atmosphere of the peninsula with its historical past, with a good breakfast, and you start the day full of energy. There are 67 restaurants with breakfast on the menu in the Eminönü district of Istanbul. It’s a number you might be confused about which one to go for. Don’t risk your weekend morning and go to Sefa-i Hürrem Cafe or Binbune Cafe . You will find taste for taste, service for service, and peace for peace…

The people of Istanbul are accustomed to the intense pace of the weekdays and therefore they do not pay any attention to breakfast in the morning. But again, Istanbulites take the pain of their breakfast pleasure, which they skip on weekdays, at the Eminönü breakfast places at the weekend. Sometimes you can sit in a place with your family and sometimes with your lover and experience the flavor of Eminönü sprinkles.

If you haven’t been to breakfast in Eminönü before, it would be good to do research. But what are the best Eminonu breakfast places ? Where to go for breakfast in the Eminönü district of Istanbul? Where is the famous Eminönü spread breakfast? Here are the details…

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Discover the Taste with the Best Eminönü Breakfast Places! (2023 – 2024 List)

The best Eminönü breakfast places to go are very curious by people who will have their morning meal out. Restaurant recommendation is undoubtedly the golden key to getting to the right place. Because fancy advertisements or fancy menus cannot always give you a pleasant breakfast. We went and the venue We toured the place . We have seen that Sefa-i Hürrem Cafe , Dürbün Cafe and Seyr -i İstanbul Haliç Cafe restaurants are above certain standards in terms of spreading. We recommend.

Among the important places that will provide a pleasant Eminönü breakfast are Giriftar Cafe and Legendary Breakfast Restaurant. You can go and spend a long time at a large table. Eminönü Börekçisi, on the other hand, is a frequent destination for those who are bored with sprinkling and want a more practical taste.

Best mixed breakfast places to go in 2023 – 2024 Istanbul Eminonu area:

oneSefa-i Hurrem Cafe & Restaurant10/9.710/9.8
2Binoculars Cafe10/9.610/9.6
3Seyr -i Istanbul Halic Cafe10/9.510/9.7
4City -i Saadet Cafe restaurant10/9.710/9.6
5Cafe Floor 410/9.310/9.1
6Giriftar Cafe10/9.310/9.4
7Eminonu Pastry Shop10/9.310/9.7
8Legendary Breakfast10/9.510/9.7
9Yanik Kosk Restaurant10/9.710/9.6
10Dome of Love10/9.310/9.1
11thMim Coffee Eminonu10/9.310/9.4
12Husnu Ala10/9.310/9.7
13Simple Breakfast10/9.510/9.7
14Sariyer Borekcisi Eminonu10/9.710/9.6
15Agha Gate10/9.310/9.1


In the Eminönü region, a spread of Anatolian cuisine is eaten for breakfast. Classic cheese plate, jams, omelette, olives, acuka , cold cuts salad, frying, butter, honey and cream are indispensable tastes. You can add a different taste to the table with pastries, bagels or pancakes and you can feel full in the best way.

Sefa-i Hürrem Cafe & Restaurant : Delicious Eminönü Breakfast

Among the breakfast places in Eminönü with a sea view, the summit belongs to Sefa-i Hürrem Cafe . You will reach a wide variety, carefully prepared and fresh breakfast against a magnificent Istanbul skyline and the view of the Golden Horn. It is among the best addresses not only for Eminönü, but for us throughout Istanbul. But as it is known, the cost of having breakfast against the view of Istanbul is a bit high.

BREAKFAST PRICE: 240 TL *per person

CONTACT: (0212) 522 77 01

ADDRESS: Süleymaniye, Demirtaş Mahallesi, Fetva Ykş . No: 6, 34134 Fatih/Istanbul

INSTAGRAM: sefaihurremcafe

MondayOpen from 8:30 to 02:00
TuesdayOpen from 8:30 to 02:00
WednesdayOpen from 8:30 to 02:00
ThursdayOpen from 8:30 to 02:00
FridayOpen from 8:30 to 02:00
SaturdayOpen from 8:30 to 02:00
SundayOpen from 8:30 to 02:00


Binoculars Cafe : Eminönü Spread Breakfast

Binbune Cafe , which will fascinate you with its Bosphorus view, gives peace to people who are bored with stress and tempo. Eminönü is one of the most beautiful breakfast places to go for a romantic date. The ferries passing in front of you, the seagulls flapping their wings above you, will undoubtedly reveal the serenity you miss. Here is a mixed breakfast. Plate menu is also preferred by those who are looking for more practical consumption.

BREAKFAST PRICE: 170 TL *per person

CONTACT: (0212) 514 66 88

ADDRESS: Hobyar Mah , Yali Kosku Cd . No:22 Floor:4, 34112 Fatih/Istanbul

INSTAGRAM: durbucafe

MondayOpen from 9:00 to 01:00
TuesdayOpen from 9:00 to 01:00
WednesdayOpen from 9:00 to 01:00
ThursdayOpen from 9:00 to 01:00
FridayOpen from 9:00 to 01:00
SaturdayOpen from 9:00 to 01:00
SundayOpen from 9:00 to 01:00


Kubbe-i Ask: A Fresh Mixed Breakfast Awaits You in the Morning

place with the most beautiful view in Istanbul, the answer of “Kubbe-i Aşk” is undoubtedly received from travelers and gourmets. A magnificent view of Istanbul and a delicious spread breakfast table are the elements that make you feel special. Meeting point for lovers. The romantic atmosphere of the breakfast to be made here is very high. If you are close to the area, definitely stop by this Eminönü breakfast place. It doesn’t necessarily have to be hunger. You can taste a mini peace with a hot tea or coffee.

BREAKFAST PRICE: 250 TL *per person

CONTACT: (0212) 511 22 75

ADDRESS: Sulaymaniyah, Fatwa Ykş . No:3, 34080 Fatih/Istanbul

INSTAGRAM: domeask

MondayOpen from 8:30 to 02:00
TuesdayOpen from 8:30 to 02:00
WednesdayOpen from 8:30 to 02:00
ThursdayOpen from 8:30 to 02:00
FridayOpen from 8:30 to 02:00
SaturdayOpen from 8:30 to 02:00
SundayOpen from 8:30 to 02:00


Eminönü Hamdi Restaurant : The Best Address for Breakfast in the Region

So far, we have answered breakfast lovers’ search for an Eminönü restaurant with a sea view. Eminönü breakfast places will be our recommendation for late breakfast lovers. Hamdi Restaurant starts its breakfast service every day after 12:00. Again, you can find the longed and relaxing Istanbul view in this restaurant. However, what makes this place different is the handiwork and importance they give to breakfast. Choose Hamdi Restaurant at the weekend to meet the flavors you will feel in every bite .

BREAKFAST PRICE: 140 TL *per person

CONTACT: (0212) 528 03 90

ADDRESS: Rüstem Paşa Mah Tahmis Street, Kalçin sc . No:11, 34116

INSTAGRAM: hamdirestaurants

MondayOpen from 12:00 to 23:00
TuesdayOpen from 12:00 to 23:00
WednesdayOpen from 12:00 to 23:00
ThursdayOpen from 12:00 to 23:00
FridayOpen from 12:00 to 23:00
SaturdayOpen from 12:00 to 23:00
SundayOpen from 12:00 to 23:00


Eminonu Breakfast Deals and Prices 2023/2024 List

Eminonu breakfast places, mostly with Istanbul and Bosphorus views. This causes breakfast prices to rise. Eminönü breakfast prices consist of high figures such as 200 TL for 1 person and 400 TL for 2 people in 2023 . In 2024 , breakfast in the region will probably see 500 TL. We recommend that you evaluate the numbers before going to the venue .

There is a more affordable and cheaper way to have breakfast in the Eminönü region. When you use the Eminönü breakfast deals method, you will find a 20% cheaper menu in 2023. Namely, a single person Eminönü breakfast can go from 200 TL to 160 TL. These discounts are also valid for the double spread menu. From the Breakfast Deals section of our site, you can see the businesses that sell opportunity breakfast coupons in Eminönü.

Eminonu breakfast deals and prices list in 2023 – 2024:

2023Eminönü mixed breakfast for 1 person150 TL – 200 TL120 TL – 160 TL
2023Eminonu double breakfast300 TL – 400 TL240 TL – 260 TL
2023Eminonu buffet breakfast for 1 person150 TL – 200 TL120 TL – 160 TL
2023Eminonu breakfast plate for 1 person80 TL – 120 TL65 TL – 99 TL
2023Eminönü village breakfast for 1 person150 TL – 200 TL120 TL – 160 TL
2023Breakfast with weight in Eminonu200 TL – 300 TL175 TL – 200 TL


We have updated Eminönü breakfast places and prices. You can choose the restaurant that suits your budget and needs, and welcome the morning with joy and taste. If you have a favorite place in the area , let us know in the comments section. We also publish your Eminönü mixed breakfast recommendations on our website. We wish you a nice breakfast in advance. Enjoy your meal.

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