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Dim Çayı Lake Picnic

Dim Çayı Lake Picnic Area, with its local dishes, natural environment and delicious breakfast variety , is a frequent destination for local and foreign tourists from Alanya. If you have chosen the Alanya location of Antalya for your holiday, you may get bored of hotel or hostel breakfasts. You will have fun and spend energy all day long, but you must first start the day with a nice breakfast place. Roasted scrambled eggs, omelets, pancakes, tea in a samovar, mushrooms with cheddar in the oven and much more are waiting for you at the Lake Picnic area located by the Dim Stream. But is the Lake Picnic Restaurant in Dim Stream open today? What’s in your breakfast? What were the menu prices in 2023/2024? Here are the answers…

Alanya Göl Picnic Restaurant is also an accommodation facility. It is very popular in summer and winter. Being on the edge of Dim Stream adds a wonderful view and peace to Göl Piknik Alanya place. In winter, you enjoy a warm holiday in rooms with fireplaces. In summer, you can have a good time with your loved ones thanks to the cool and pleasant pool.


Bist Bahçe
BreakfastThere is
DinnerThere is
alcoholic beverageThere is
pool areaThere is
Children’s play areaThere is
accommodation roomThere is
hairdresser serviceno
Car parkThere is
Valet serviceno
Rent a carno
diet menuThere is


Enjoying Breakfast at Dim Stream Lake Picnic Area

Finding a decent place for breakfast is often a difficult option. Besides, it is almost impossible to come across a peaceful Alanya breakfast in a natural environment with fast service. That’s why we recommend Dim Çayı Göl Picnic place , which is one of the best breakfast places in Alanya . The term “hidden paradise” used for this place deserves a lot, in our opinion. Under the trees, by the flowing water, all kinds of fresh products come to your table. It is a breakfast place where you can enjoy your morning chats with your loved ones, accompanied by unlimited tea.

Breakfast menu types at Göl Piknik restaurant:

  • Classic breakfast spread
  • Children’s breakfast menu
  • single breakfast plate
  • Breakfast plate for kid

Lake Picnic restaurant general menus:

  • beginnings
  • Intermediate meals
  • Salads
  • Cold Appetizers
  • Children’s Menu
  • Species of fish
  • Meat Grill types
  • Types of grilled chicken
  • Roasting and Casserole Presentations
  • Hot and cold drinks
  • Soft drinks
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • fruit plates
  • Desserts and ice creams

Dim Stream Lake Picnic Sprinkle Breakfast Menu

It is noteworthy that many varieties come together in the breakfast. The products are served to your table on plates with high quality and design value. In total, the amount of spread breakfast presentation caught our eyes as twenty-five. The mixed breakfast at the Dim Çayı Göl Piknik place includes:

  • Tomatoes,
  • Cucumber
  • Rocket
  • Pepper
  • Ezine cheese
  • Bergama overalls
  • Village Cheese
  • Green and black olives
  • Tire mud cheese
  • walnut tarator
  • Curd cheese with black mulberry jam
  • Antioch precipitate
  • Zahter
  • salted yogurt
  • 4 kinds of jam
  • Honey
  • Cream
  • Butter
  • dried fruits
  • unlimited tea
  • Pastry

We have shared the content of the village breakfast at Göl Piknik, the famous breakfast place of Alanya, above. It’s not just limited to that. Roasted breakfast, unlimited samovar tea, freshly squeezed orange juice, baked cheddar mushrooms, fried eggs with butter, menemen and simit products are also included in the mixed breakfast. Thus, you say hello to a very comprehensive, delicious, high and affordable Alanya breakfast morning. If you order a spread menu for 2 people, you do not need to order an extra menu for the child, and children can easily get enough of this wide variety.

Breakfast Plate Menu List

For those who want a more modest and light breakfast menu instead of tables with a wide spread, Dim Çayı Göl Picnic place offers a wonderful breakfast plate. There are 12 varieties in it and it is very delicious. From tomatoes to cheese, from jam to cream cheese, there are all kinds of foods to energize you in the morning. Tea is limited to 1 glass. In your later orders, an extra charge is applied to the tea. On the other hand, specialties such as scrambled eggs, roast beef or mushrooms in a casserole are not included in the breakfast plates. If you want to try these flavors, you will have to order extra.

Dim Stream Lake Picnic Breakfast Prices 2023/2024

When the sun comes up on the weekend, everyone wants to have breakfast in an open area, against nature. The people of Alanya are very lucky in this regard. Because they have a place like Dim Stream Lake Picnic area. Special presentations are made for every meal of the day here. But they are on another level when it comes to breakfast. The price of 25 kinds of mixed breakfast varies between 220 TL and 240 TL in 2023. But there is nothing in it… This price is more than deserved when products such as roasting, omelette and mushrooms in casseroles are included.

Dim Stream Lake Picnic price table between 2023/2024:

2023Single breakfast fee220 TL – 240 TL
2023Double breakfast price460 TL – 480 TL
2023Single breakfast plate fee140 TL – 160 TL
2023Fried Egg60 TL – 75 TL
2023Sausage Omelet55 TL – 65 TL


There is no entrance fee to the pool from people who come to the Lake Picnic place on Dim Stream for breakfast or dinner. It is possible to say that the pool is free.

Dim Stream Lake Picnic Hotel Room Prices

In recent years, Dim Çayı Göl Picnic room rental and accommodation service has been very popular. In this place, which is in the very heart of nature, you open your eyes to a magnificent view in the morning, and the sounds of chirping birds echo in your ears. After a delicious start to the day, you can cool off in the pool. One night Lake Picnic room rental 2023 fee starts from 800 TL. During the season, room rates for Dim Stream can exceed 1,000 TL per night. Rates include breakfast and use of the pool is free.

There is a fireplace system in the Dim Çayı Göl Picnic rooms for two people. You can plan a romantic holiday with your loved one during the winter months. This is an ideal place especially for weekend city getaways. Room rental fees in winter are around 500 – 600 TL. In summer, the accommodation fee is between 800 TL and 1,200 TL.

Dim Stream Lake Picnic Working Hours

Dim Stream Lake Picnic venue is open 365 days a year. So “Is Lake Picnic open today?” The answer to the question, yes, this business will be open today. Weekends are very busy. It can be difficult to find a place especially for breakfast. However, we should note that breakfast is served only between 08:30 and 11:00 in the Göl Piknik restaurant. In other words, after 11:00, you will not find a mixed breakfast in Dim Stream. We recommend that you arrive early.

Timetable of 2023/2024 DIM Stream Lake Picnic place:

MondayThis breakfast place is open between 09:00 and 00:00
TuesdayThis breakfast place is open between 09:00 and 00:00
WednesdayThis breakfast place is open between 09:00 and 00:00
ThursdayThis breakfast place is open between 09:00 and 00:00
FridayThis breakfast place is open between 09:00 and 00:00
SaturdayThis breakfast place is open between 09:00 and 00:00
marketThis breakfast place is open between 09:00 and 00:00


Venue Website:

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