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Current Sbarro Pizza Prices 2023

Pizza dünyasında onlarca farklı marka yüzlerce değişik çeşit var. Sbarro ise Türkiye’de 150’den fazla şubesiyle favori lezzet durakları arasındadır. Peki ama Sbarro pizza fiyatları ne kadar oldu? Sbarro XXL pizza kaç TL? Sbarro’da en ucuz pizzanın fiyatı nedir? İşte detaylar…

For Italian taste buffs, Sbarro pizza prices are a subject to be researched in 2023. Although it is actually a USA-based pizzeria, let’s say that it adds very special touches and flavor to the pizza presentation and makes even the best Italian pizza stand out. Prices are also reasonable. In 2022, a medium size Sbarro pizza was 64.30 TL. In 2023, the hike came and rose to 95 TL . The large size was 110 TL this year. It is also among the topics discussed that Sbarro pizza will be the cheapest 100 TL in 2024 . We’ll announce it here when it’s clear.

There are dozens of different brands and hundreds of different varieties in the pizza world. Sbarro, on the other hand, is among the favorite flavor stops with more than 150 branches in Turkey. But how much did Sbarro pizza cost? How much is Sbarro XXL pizza? What is the price of the cheapest pizza in Sbarro ? Here are the details…

Current Sbarro Pizza Prices 2023 List

Sbarro pizza products have a unique flavor. As it is made, it gives the feeling of homemade pizza. There is a variety to suit all tastes. Because more than 28 pizzas are produced on the Sbarro menu. Cheese, sausage, Mexican style, a variety of special cheeses, pastrami, meat, spicy and dozens more are waiting for you at this restaurant. Sbarro pizza prices start from the cheapest 85 TL in the 2023 menu. The most expensive pizza is the XXL menu with 210 TL. In 2024, the cheapest Sbarro pizza will be 100 TL and the maximum price will be 250 TL.

Bist Bahçe

Sbarro pizza prices in 2023 – 2024 :

2023Sausage & Pepperoni Stuffed Slice Pizza85 TL – 89.50 TL
2023Supreme Stuffed Slice Pizza82.60 TL – 84.30 TL
2023Stuffed Slice Pizza with Sausage85 TL – 89.50 TL
2023Sausage & Pepperoni Stuffed Full Size Pizza82.60 TL – 84.30 TL
2023Supreme Stuffed Full Size Pizza85 TL – 89.50 TL
2023Stuffed Full Size Pizza with Sausage82.60 TL – 84.30 TL
2023Chicken Pizza (Medium)95 TL – 99.60 TL
2023Chicken Pizza (Medium)96.80 TL – 102.30 TL
2023Cheese Pizza (Medium)95 TL – 99.60 TL
2023White Pizza (Medium)96.80 TL – 102.30 TL
2023Hot Dog Pizza (Medium)95 TL – 99.60 TL
2023Pepperoni Pizza (Medium)96.80 TL – 102.30 TL
2023Seasonal Pizza with Meat (Medium)95 TL – 99.60 TL
2023Venice Pizza (Medium)96.80 TL – 102.30 TL
2023Seasonal Pizza with Vegetables (Medium)95 TL – 99.60 TL
2023Spinach Mushroom Pizza (Medium)96.80 TL – 102.30 TL
2023Vegetable Pizza (Medium)95 TL – 99.60 TL
2023Supreme Pizza (Medium)96.80 TL – 102.30 TL
2023Gennaro Pizza (Medium)95 TL – 99.60 TL
2023Pizza with Sausage (Spicy) (Medium)96.80 TL – 102.30 TL


In environments for 2 or 3 people, the need for hunger is satisfied with a large pizza. Some taste buffs can consume a large pizza alone. In the Sbarro pizza prices list, large pizzas start from 105 TL and can be sold at 150 TL depending on the type.

Sbarro large size special pizza prices in 2023 – 2024 :

2023Chicken Pizza (Large)105 TL – 129 TL
2023Mushroom Pizza (Large)108 TL – 132 TL
2023Cheese Pizza (Large)105 TL – 129 TL
2023Hot Dog Pizza (Large)108 TL – 132 TL
2023Seasonal Pizza with Meat (Large)105 TL – 129 TL
2023Venice Pizza (Large)108 TL – 132 TL
2023Seasonal Pizza with Vegetables (Large)105 TL – 129 TL
2023Spinach Mushroom Pizza (Large)108 TL – 132 TL
2023Vegetable Pizza (Large)105 TL – 129 TL
2023Supreme Pizza (Large)108 TL – 132 TL
2023Gennaro Pizza (Large)105 TL – 129 TL
2023Pizza with Sausage (Spicy) (Large)108 TL – 132 TL
2023Pizza with Sausage (Painless) (Large)105 TL – 129 TL
2023Milan Pizza (Large)108 TL – 132 TL
2023Tuna Pizza (Large)105 TL – 129 TL
2023Chicken Pizza (XL)108 TL – 132 TL
2023Mushroom Pizza (XL)105 TL – 129 TL
2023Cheese Pizza (XL)108 TL – 132 TL
2023White Pizza (XL)105 TL – 129 TL
2023Hot Dog Pizza (XL)108 TL – 132 TL


Sbarro XXL Pizza Price 2023

Sbarro pizza for 4 people, has a size that can easily fill 3 to 4 people. Its price is below its competitors and its taste is very good. In 2023, you will pay 160 TL. Some Sbarro XXL pizzas go up to 200 TL.

Sbarro White Pizza Price 2023

The most consumed White product in the Sbarro pizza prices list is curious. Thanks to its simple but delicious content, it leaves a pleasant taste on the palate. The price of Sbarro White pizza is 129 TL. You can order small, medium or large sizes. The larger the pizza size, the larger the amount you will pay. You can create your orders according to this information. We wish you good luck in advance. Please report outdated prices in the comments section.

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