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Cream Prices 2023 List

Kaymak, Türk mutfağının geleneksel ürünlerinden birisidir. Kahvaltıda yoğun tüketilir. Peki ama kaymak fiyatları ne kadardır? 1 kg kaymak kaç TL oldu? BİM’de bu ay Kerem kaymak kaça satılıyor? Kapsamlı bir fiyat analiz yazısı hazırladık.

Kaymak Fiyatı
  • 2023 yılının güncel kaymak fiyatlarını açıklıyoruz!

Cream obtained from milk fat is the most basic consumption food of breakfast. For this reason , cream prices are the popular topic of 2023 and 2024. When consumed alone or flavored with honey, a delicious taste emerges. It is also beneficial for health. For this reason, it is consumed heavily. The average price of a 200 gram cream product is 39.40 TL. Kerem product is sold for 36.80 TL in BİM market . In the first quarter of 2024, it is estimated that 1 kilo of cream products will be discarded from 500 TL to 600 TL. The fact that milk is the basis of its production is a factor in the constant change in prices.

Kaymak is one of the traditional products of Turkish cuisine. It is consumed heavily at breakfast. But what are the cream prices? How much is 1 kg of cream? How much is Kerem cream sold at BİM this month? We have prepared a comprehensive price analysis article.

The Most Updated Cream Prices 2023 List

Milk is the basis of cream production. It is obtained from cow, goat or sheep milk. It is produced with a fabrication system as well as being produced at home and offered for sale on market shelves. We will definitely see this food at breakfast. The prices of the cream product, which is famous for its contribution to bone development, are a bit expensive in our country. While 200 grams of cream is 38 TL in 2023, 1 kg of cream is 500 TL. Pure organic village cream prices are 20% more expensive than this. The data of 2024 is also important. Because it has a constantly increasing price trend. Kaymak will sell at the level of 50 TL for 200 grams in 2024.

Bist Bahçe

The most updated cream prices sales list of 2023 – 2024:

2023Eker Cream 200 G39 TL – 42 TL10/9.6
2023Eker Cream 100 G25 TL – 29 TL10/9.6
20231 kg Belkıs Farm Cream438 TL – 440 TL10/9.5
2023Velioğlu Milk Cream 1 Kg380 TL – 390 TL10/9.5
2023Migros Cream 200 G36 TL – 41 TL10/9.3
2023Duranlar Cream (Roll) 150 G36 TL – 41 TL10/9.2
2023Duranlar 5 Roll Cream Cream 200 G61 TL – 64 TL10/9.2
2023Velioğlu Cream (80% Buffalo, 20% Cow’s Milk)499 TL – 550 TL10/9.1
2023Eker Çokokaymak 125G23 TL – 29 TL10/9.1
2023Butter Cream Cream800 TL – 900 TL10/9.0
2023Aygin Cream (Butter Cream) 4.500g689 TL – 750 TL10/9.0
2023Işıklar Dairy Fresh Cream 1 kg250 TL – 280 TL10/9.0
2023Hasan Ekici Fresh Cream 200 Gr.87 TL – 99 TL10/8.6
2023Sütaş Cream – 180 GR.42 TL – 49 TL10/8.6


a)      How Much Is 1 Kg of Cream?

Restaurant or crowded families buy 1 kg of cream to save on price. You can also buy a kilo of cream, which is usually found in local dairy farms, on the internet. Migros 1 kg cream product is very famous and its price has decreased to 390 TL in 2023. Let’s say that it is an opportunity campaign. Because in 2024, 1 kilo is likely to exceed 500 TL.

b)      How Long Was Dry Cream?

The type of cream, which is a flavor unique to Erzurum region and cooked on wood fire, is called dry cream. It is sold homemade and its price is 40% more expensive than classic cream. Because it is known to be at a very good level in terms of taste and health. The price of 1 kg of this famous dry cream flavor starts from 650 TL. If you buy from Erzurum, the price will increase even more.

c)      How Much Was Ova Kaymak?

Ova brand has been producing products that are consumed by cream lovers for many years. While the prices of plain cream started from 380 TL in 2023, it is expected to increase to 480 TL in the first quarter of 2024.

d)      How Much Was the Price of 5 Kg Cream?

Big breakfast places serve honey cream to dozens of people every day. For this reason, 5 kg of cream is purchased. Thus, a cheaper shopping is made compared to 200 gram packages. 5 kg cream prices start from 2,000 TL and vary according to the production region.

This Month’s BİM Cream Prices 2023 List

BİM market continues to relieve family budgets with its breakfast products. You can also choose cream products, the indispensable taste of breakfast, in Kerem brand in BİM market. 2 different creams are sold. The first one is plain Kerem 200 grams cream and the other one is 200 grams honey cream mix product. In 2023, you will pay an average of 36.80 TL for BİM cream prices. Honey cream product is also sold in this area. In 2024, a 200 gram package of BİM Kerem cream will probably be sold at the level of 45 TL.

The current price of Kerem cream products in the BİM market in 2023 – 2024:

  • BİM Kerem 200 gr cream product is 36.90 TL.
  • BİM Kerem cream with honey 200 gr is 38.60 TL.

Butter Cream Prices for 2023 Announced!

Cream is used in making butter. This product is formulated differently than what is consumed at the table. It is generally sold in tin packs of 4,500 grams or in the form of 10 kg. In 2023, 5 kg butter cream prices start from 750 TL. When we make our sector analysis, it is possible to say that in 2024 we will see the 1,000 TL band for the price of butter cream varieties.

Current price of butter cream products for 2023 and 2024:

2023Aygin Cream (Butter Cream) 4.500g650 TL – 750 TL10/9.6
2023Elif Milk Butter Cream 4800 gr765 TL – 800 TL10/9.6
2023Enka Cream Package 10 KG (Butter Cream)1,770 TL – 2,000 TL10/9.5
2023Belendağ Bodrum Fresh Cream 10 kg1,770 TL – 2,000 TL10/9.5
2023Enka Cream – 65% Fat (5 kg)950 TL – 1,000 TL10/9.3
2023Nestle Professional Kitkat Cream 3 Kg420 TL – 500 TL10/9.2
2023Hasan Ekici Cream 4700 Gr. – 4.7 kg870 TL – 900 TL10/9.2


The Cheapest Cream Machine Prices of 2023

Did you know that you can make cream products at home? For this, you first need a quality creamer . Manual or electric versions are available. Manual creamer is at the level of 2,750 TL. The electric creamer is sold on the internet for a fee of 4,000 TL.

Current price of butter cream products for 2023 and 2024:

2023100 Liter Arm Butter Creamer Machine3,300 TL – 4,000 TL
2023Kurtsan Milk Cream Cream Butter Making Machine3,240 TL – 4,780 TL
2023Cremix Electric Cream Milk Butter Creamer Machine3,300 TL – 4,000 TL
2023Cream Separator Oil Creamer Electric3,240 TL – 4,780 TL
2023Melasty 3799 Milk Cream Machine3,300 TL – 4,000 TL
2023Arsan Zenit 100 Lt Electric Home Type Milk Cream Machine3,240 TL – 4,780 TL
2023DE-375 Oil Cream Milk Drawing Machine3,300 TL – 4,000 TL


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