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Bostanlı Tuzu Biberi Breakfast

Bostanlı Tuzu Biberi Breakfast Those who want to have breakfast at wide and full tables, Bostanlı Salt Pepper every day of the week meet at your place. A perfect breakfast spot. Tuzu Biberi is a company that has become a brand in most regions of İzmir, thanks to their keeping their quality in the same line. In this article, we shared information about the Bostanlı branch of the Tuzu Biberi brand, which is the breakfast place that the city people love very much. Happy reading.

Bostanlı Tuzu Biberi Breakfast

The detail that makes Tuzu Biberi branch in Bostanlı different from the others is that the brand first started its journey here. It was opened in 2009 and throughout the years that have passed, the quality of taste and service has always increased. Today, it is a Karsiyaka breakfast place where it is very difficult to find a place almost every day of the week.

Tuzu Biberi, which set out with the motto “Breakfast should be available at any time of the day, in a healthy, reliable and enjoyable way”, undoubtedly added a different vision to the city for breakfast. The fact that they have focused all their energies on the morning meal ensures the emergence of unique menus for consumers. The same products are always chosen, from cheese to olives. So whenever you come here, you will always find the same taste.

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What’s in the Breakfast Menu of Bostanlı Tuzu Biberi?

When you come to the Tuzubiberi place in Karşıyaka, you will undoubtedly encounter the most diverse breakfast table in the district. They became popular because of their wide variety of visions. Tastes that have been carefully created are presented on 30 different plates. There are classic products such as Cheese Plate, fenugreek, honey cream, jam, green and black olives. In addition, specialties such as butter, ciza curd, black mulberry and breakfast salad come to your table. Let’s also mention that the tea is given unlimited in the samovar. Pies are also served.

Bostanlı Tuzu Biberi Breakfast Prices

This year’s Bostanlı Salt Pepper breakfast prices have become clear. We stated that the service quality is at the highest level. This quality is also reflected in the menu prices. It should be noted that Karşıyaka district is a bit expensive compared to general breakfast prices. But the fact that Sodexo, Multinet and all other meal cards are passed at the Bostanlı Tuzubiberi breakfast also creates an opportunity.

Bostanlı’s Salt Pepper spread breakfast prices in 2023:

  • The price of sprinkling salt and pepper for one person in Bostanlı – 180 TL
  • Bostanlı double salt and pepper village breakfast price – 350 TL
  • Salt and Pepper price of Bostanlı sausage egg – 38 TL

Where is Bostanlı Tuzu Biberi?

It is located right in the center of Bostanlı district. It is only 50 meters from the sea. You can choose this mode of transportation as the tram passes in front of you. You can also reach by minibuses on the coast line or by Eshot buses. It is 5 minutes from Mavişehir by car and 20 minutes from Alsancak by car.

ADDRESS: Bostanlı, Composer Yusuf Nalkesen Sk. 2 /A, 35590 Karşıyaka/İzmir

PHONE: (0 232) 330 08 88


INSTAGRAM: saltpepperibistrocafe

Bostanlı Tuzu Biberi Open?

Bostanlı branch of Tuzu Biberi breakfast is open today. Hot services start from 07 in the morning 7 days a week. Very busy on the weekend. It is very difficult to find a place. Weekdays are also quieter.

MondayThis breakfast place is open between 07:00 and 23:30
TuesdayThis breakfast place is open between 07:00 and 23:30
WednesdayThis breakfast place is open between 07:00 and 23:30
ThursdayThis breakfast place is open between 07:00 and 23:30
FridayThis breakfast place is open between 07:00 and 23:30
SaturdayThis breakfast place is open between 07:00 and 23:30
SundayThis breakfast place is open between 07:00 and 23:30


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