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BİM Butter Price 2023

BİM butter price 2023 has been announced. Affordable shopping enthusiasts make many breakfast products at BİM markets. Because, as in 2022, products are cheap in 2023. Considering that butter is an indispensable taste in breakfast, it is natural to search for quality and affordable prices. How much is the price of butter at BİM this month ? If you are wondering, we will guide you in this article. Enjoyable and delicious reading…

Butter is a food whose main ingredient consists of milk fat and contains nutritional values such as minerals, milk sugar, cholesterol, vitamins and proteins. It is frequently used in both the food and cosmetic industries. It is preferred in every meal in Turkish cuisine. For this reason, there are many butter brands in our country. The common point of those looking for affordable butter is BİM Pervin products. This food, which is sold for 135 TL per kilo in 2023, is offered to customers in different weights and prices in the aisles.

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Butter adds flavor to food. Experts state that a healthy diet is also an important element. For this reason, it is a food that always takes its place in the refrigerator. It is a delicious flavor option for omelets for breakfast, making menemen or spreading it on toasted bread. But how much is the price of BİM butter being offered for sale in 2023? Is it expensive? Got a raise? Here are the details…

Latest BİM Butter Price 2023 List

1 kg, 750 g and 250 g BİM butter price is sold cheaper in 2023 compared to other brands. It attracts the attention of consumers not only in terms of price, but also in terms of taste and nutrition. Pervin brand best selling product. The price of 1 kilo of BİM butter this month is 135 TL. Recently, 750 grams of Pervin butter has also started to be produced. Its prices for 2023 are 109 TL. In BİM’s current lists, the figures vary in some months.

Current price list of BİM butter products in 2023:

  • 2023 BİM Pervin butter 1 kg (1000 gr ) price – 135 TL
  • 2023 BİM Pervin brand butter 750 gr price – 109 TL
  • 2023 BİM Pervin butter 250 gr prices – 39 TL
  • 2023 Kebir BİM butter 500 gr price – 76 TL
  • The price of friendly unsalted BİM butter in 2023 – 84 TL
  • 750 gr Torku butter 2023 BİM price – 110 TL

*oil prices are updated every month.

Butter production is not an easy task. Because it cannot be produced from every milk. Milk should contain a certain amount of fat. Pervin brand butter in BİM market also has at least 80% milk fat content. Considering this nutritional value and taste, it is quite reasonable for 1 kg of product to be 135 TL. As the weight decreases, the price of the oil increases. That’s why 250 grams of Pervin butter is 39 TL. BİM customers usually put 1000 grams of products in their shopping carts.

BİM 1 Kg Butter Price 2023

There are many different types of butter in BİM departments. Among the Kebir, Sek, Dost and Pervin brands, Pervin is chosen because of its low price. For breakfast lovers, the price of 1 kg of BİM butter is 135 TL in 2023. Depending on inflation and economic conditions, there may be an increase of 30 % to 50% during the year.

80% of 1 kilo BİM Pervin butter products contain milk fat. In addition, no additional salt was added. Judging by the comments of the consumers, its taste is highly appreciated. You can use it while preparing an omelet for breakfast, or you can consume it by spreading it directly on toast.

Monthly price table of BİM current butter in 2023:

2023 JanuaryBİM Pervin 1 kg butter135 TL
February 2023BİM 1 kg (1000 gr ) butter135 TL – 145 TL
2023 MarchBİM Pervin 1 kg butter145 TL – 150 TL
2023 AprilBİM 1 kg (1000 gr ) butter145 TL – 150 TL
2023 MayBİM Pervin 1 kg butter145 TL – 150 TL
2023 JuneBİM 1 kg (1000 gr ) butter150 TL – 160 TL
2023 JulyBİM Pervin 1 kg butter150 TL – 160 TL
2023 AugustBİM 1 kg (1000 gr ) butter150 TL – 160 TL
2023 SeptemberBİM Pervin 1 kg butter160 TL – 170 TL
2023 OctoberBİM 1 kg (1000 gr ) butter160 TL – 170 TL
2023 NovemberBİM Pervin 1 kg butter160 TL – 170 TL
December 2023BİM Pervin 1 kg butter160 TL – 170 TL

*price table consists of average figures.

BİM 750 Gr Pervin Butter Price 2023

Due to the increasing cost of living, shopping for breakfast food for middle and lower income groups has become even more costly. For this reason, companies started to set a more reasonable price by reducing the weight of their products. Pervin butter company has started to exhibit its 750 gram products in BİM aisles recently. The price of 750 gr BİM butter started to be sold at 109 TL in 2023 departments.

BİM 250 Gr Pervin Butter Price 2023

For individuals with low consumption, 250 grams of Pervin butter products are always an ideal option. Their prices are also reasonable and this parameter is also effective in purchasing. Throughout the year, people research and wonder about 250 gr BİM butter price 2023. We also researched the company in detail. You buy 250 grams of product for 39 TL this month. There may also be changes within the year.

2023 Kebir Butter 500 Grams Price

Kebir, or “Vakfıkebir” products are recommended for those who are looking for a different butter brand in the BİM market. It is slightly more expensive than Pervin in terms of price. Prices start from 76 TL for a 500 gram package. Kebir butter, which is appreciated by the users in terms of taste, can be purchased at a cheap price in the BİM market.

Which Butter Brands Are Sold at BİM in 2023 ?

There are many butter brands that you can buy in BİM aisles. Among these brands, which differ from each other in terms of content, weight, price and taste, you can choose the one that is most compatible with your taste and consume it for your breakfast. You can find Kebir, Dost, Pervin and Sek brands in BİM departments. In addition, 750 gr products of the Torku brand are offered for sale in some of its branches.

Is BİM Butter or Migros Butter Cheaper?

Every chain store has an affordable butter product. Often there is a comparison of butter products of these brands. The comparison between BİM butter price 2023 and Migros brand is the most popular. It should be noted that both products are at the same standard level in terms of taste. Again, it cannot be said that they are differentiated in terms of content. But there are slight differences in prices. BİM butter can always be 2-3 TL cheaper than Migros. In some periods, this situation is opposite to the consumers. In short, you may have a hard time deciding between them.

If you think the prices in this article are not up to date, let us know in the comments section. Let’s update now. We wish you a nice day.

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